6 Simplest Ways to Calm Male Dog When Female Dog is in Heat

How to calm your male dog when its female dog is in heat? Well this question is commonly asked by owner who has male dog that ready to marriage. As we know that when male dog turning into aggressive when he is in heat. But don’t worry basically all his aggressive behavior is natural reaction over his heat. Male dog will surely aggressive when he meets its female dog. So are we must to make away between male and female dog? Well you have to check out the explanation under here about 6 simplest ways to calm male dog when female dog is in heat.

What the different between male and female dog when it’s in heat?

Basically the male dog has more aggressive than female dog when both of them are in heat. Male dog is usually attack toward female dog aggressively. That’s caused by he can smell the loop of female dog from 1 kilometers. His hormone goes to up and makes him to attack the female dog. Even the meaning of this attack is to starting marriage process, his behavior can also endangering for female dog.

Different with male dog when he is in heat, female dog tend to showed passively action. Even though there are still behaviors that showed by her, that’s not aggressive enough if we are comparing with male dog. Also, female dog tend to moody behavior and too much barking. She doesn’t do any aggressive behaviors which endanger other dog or herself too. Female dog shows her aggressive behavior when she is really ready to marriage. It is usually happen on her second heat in a year heat period. You as owner can also set her marriage time when you want to your female dog to breeding. If you feel your female dog isn’t ready yet, you can delay it.

How to simplest ways to calm male dog when female dog is in heat?

This information will be very useful when you are as beginner to calm down male dog when female dog is in heat. Here is the information:

  • Know his character

The most important thing you have to know that male dog which want to marriage when he smells the loop by female dog is the male dog which already marriage before. He has experience to marriage with his opposite and absolutely knew how to ride his female dog. But when your male dog haven’t marriage yet, he turns into passive and just keep quite on his cage. In this case, just let your male dog stayed in his cage and don’t let him away from it.

When your male dog already marriage before, just cover up his aggressive behavior into positive like when your male dog tries to attack female dog when you take him to jogging around your home, just keep holding him with powerful hang and divert his attention.

  • Divert his attention

This is the step which took much energy to doing. Don’t try to hold him down when your height of your dog is as your waist. It is too big for covered by you. You better ask to animal care department to help you manage your male dog. You can also avoiding your male dog of female dog. For example when you take your dog to jogging around your home, you can move to different way in order to stay away from female dog. As long when the female dog isn’t on heat period, you can stay closing between your male and the female dog.

  • Make sure your male dog is in highly good appetite

Even your male dog is in heat, you still have to make sure your male dog nutrition. To avoiding decreasing his weight after heat period and to avoiding him from sick, make sure your male dog is in good appetite. Bribe him when he doesn’t want to eating.

  • Put him away from other dog

As naturally act for looking female dog ass, your male dog will smell the ass from other dog without caring the sex. It doesn’t mean you dog is homo, that’s just naturally instinct. Another dog can feel ruin by that behavior and can triggered into fight of them. So you better put him away for other dog to avoiding the fight.

  • Spray the fragrance

Put the fragrance to decreasing the smell of female loop. Big problem which trigger your male dog into aggressive act is caused by smell of female dog’s loop. It helps you to decrease stimuli of your male dog aggressive behavior. You have to careful when using this thing. The chemist will endanger to your dog. Just spray it over the environment which visited by your dog regularly. Don’t spray it too much.

  • Don’t let him leaving home alone

Well keep your male dog stay in your house isn’t good for your dog mental. You can take him outside your home to decrease stress of your dog. But don’t leaving him alone. To avoiding attacking by your dog to other dog and avoiding the injury by accident. So that’s important thing for you to keep eye on your male dog.

That’s all things above to help you calm down over your male dog when its female dong is in heat. You have to remember that all male dogs are wanted to get marriage. Even he shows passively action, sometime he turn into aggressive and want to marriage. In this cage, you have to look over female dog to marriage with your male dog. Don’t force your male dog when he isn’t ready yet to marriage. That’s will make your male dog stress and aggressive over you easily. And don’t give him any drugs to increase his heat. You may be wanted to have a puppy, but trust me it is meaningless when you look over your male dog get sick after-forcing-marriage.

We have to remind that heat-marriage-breeding process is many steps to doing. That’s important for you to keep your patience to take care your male dog. As like you, your male dog is also want to free. Don’t fight over him or smack him because her bad behavior. He may over barking all along day, but if you feel it disturbing to you, calm him as soft as you can. Once again don’t hurt him because he can attack you back. You shouldn’t harm over him because that’s naturally thing which is can’t control of your dog too. So don’t blame him overly. It may silence your dog but it is not make your dog reduce his stress by that punishment.

Second thing you have to realize that your dog is health when he can feel his heat. All animal has its heat and to showing it, every animal has their own special habit. But it is natural that male animal is more aggressive than female. So you have to keep that thing on your mind.

That’s all the information shared to you. Hopefully that’s all information will helps you a lot.