Can A Finch Bird Live Alone In Cage?

This question may think by some beginners who just put finch as their pet. Finch is a popular bird that can we meet easily in home settlement. We know it is stereotype, but usually finch pet by old man like our father, uncle, or grandfather. This bird has medium, it is around 20 centimeters measured from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail. Their back and their tail colored dark chocolate and their throat, chest, and tummy colored white and gray, and their head is black. And also, their eyes are red and black for their beak and foot.

In their wild life, Finch likes to visiting opened place, side of road, garden, shrubs, and secondary forest until 1600 meters from water surface. They are like to colony, both when looking for their food and when perch. This bird can also easily meet in city forest. Finches are living as colony. They make some group while they are fly and perch.

As we know that finch is living as colony in their wildlife. For people who hunt them to be sell, they are surely hunt for dozens or million population. There is no problem about that because the finch still living as colony. So the question that would be appeared is ‘can a finch bird lives alone in cage while we pet them?’ or ‘how while you pet it as one?’ The answer is yes it is but of course that’s so risky. What’s risky meaning like?


The risk

Here are some risks while you put a finch bird live alone in cage:

  • Stress

As we know that finch is living as colony in their wildlife. They make group when fly, looking food, and perch. While one of them is leaving and living in the new life, it would have impact for them. They have to re-adaptation, start again, and learn again. Some finch may pass these steps. But have you imagine while you got low quality finch? It would be fail and make him feel stress. This stress also caused him died. This stress can also come from your inappropriate treatment method like:

  • Perch changing is also makes them feel uncomfortable. You better keep the same perch for them. Change their perch commonly is not right choice.
  • Pollution or smoke. Even some finch bird can’t smell as mammal, their habitat is in the air. When the air is bad, they also ruined.
  • Their cage is just painted so the paint smells ruining them. You better make the cage is free from paint smell before put them inside.
  • Your finch is too often hanged in street which passed by vehicle, factory, and garbage disposal location. Situation uncomfortable like that can also ruining your finch bird moreover they have panic natural behavior. It must be harmful for them.
  • Loud sound came from animal, fireworks, or machine tool also makes them panic and stress. Panic natural behavior will getting worse if they face these things. You better place it in calm place which not too noisy.
  • Food changing which not suitable with them. Sometime you have to change the food with some reason. But whatever their food, make sure that it is clear and safe for them.
  • Wrong technic while you hold your finch bird and makes them trauma. You better leave them in cage if you don’t know how to hold them. It will be so risky if you don’t know how to hold them but keep force it in your hands.
  • Drink water which contaminated bacteria. The cleaning thing must be really your attention. Change their water as common as you can.
  • Poisoned by expired food. You may change their food with any reason. Whatever the reason, please make sure it is clear and safe for them.
  • Your finch bird which rarely trained. Untrained finch bird makes them not getting used with you and it caused stress.
  • The cage is too small. You don’t need pricey or big cage for your finch bird. The point is enough and makes them comfortable.
  • Ignored by their owner. Don’t try to ignore them. If you don’t want to care them, then don’t pet an animal.
  • Too often to hanged with fighter bird type. If you have multiple birds in your home, you better sort them as their type. Don’t make them one between birdsong and fighters, that’s not effective and makes them stress.

Even finch is known as good survivor bird, that’s absolutely not guarantee they can pass every challenge in their life. So you as owner should be known and sensitive to treat them well.

  • Extremely behavior changes

It may cause by stress while your finch didn’t pass the adaptation progress. Extremely behavior changes will be appeared is much related with aggressively acts such like scream, bite, and crash himself on a cage. These behaviors may already appear since you pick him from seller. Some case proof that it became worst while he keep at home.

The Tips

Here are some tips for you to help your finch getting used himself during live alone in cage. It may have some impacts for your finch depend how routine you treat him. Keep on your mind that what’s written below are some strategy to anticipate the condition. About successful or not, it surely depend on how you treat it.

  • Bought a couple finch

Try to not change their natural habit such living as colony, it is matter for you to make their new life as same as their wild life. For those, it is matter for you to know their personality trait to make the imitation of their life. To anticipate stress because lost feeling their colony, you better bough a couple of finches. It is more advantage for you to bought male and female finch, but if you think it was hard you can buy the same sex. You can place them into one cage or in different cage. It is up to you about their cage, but the point is you must place it as side to each other to give him friend of their colony. If you have multiple birds in your home you can place it together with them as long as there is still any colony from their kind. Don’t put your finch beside the bird which is not birdsong because it scares them. You can do this tip until your finches is getting used with their new life.

  • More getting used with them

Playing with your finches will make them comfortable. This comfortable feeling will make easier for them to learn something new in your home about their new life. Besides can decrease their stress, this method can also motivate them to think that they can living in his new life and be able to living alone in the cage

If your finch is able to living alone in cage, they will tell you that they are happy by the symptom that will be appeared such like singing beautifully, high appetite, and not harm their self.