5 Possible Causes for Your Goat’s Infertility and How to Prevent It

For a goat breeder, mating your goat is a common thing to get your goats reproduce and gave good quality lambs. To get it right, you need good quality fertile goats (both buck and doe – male and female). However sometimes life hits you hard, as your goat may be infertile. This can be caused by 5 possible causes as follow, along with the proper prevention measures.

Possible Causes for A Goat’s Infertility

An infertile goat is a serious problem in your breeding program, and you should know the possible causes, such as:

  1. Genetic factor, This is the first cause of your goat’s infertility as well as the most difficult one to treat. There is nothing you can do about genetical factor as it has been imprinted in your goat’s DNA since its birth.
  2. Sickness/Illness, A sickness can also prevents your goat to become pregnant, especially if it attacks the genital parts. Consider to go to a vet for this cause.
  3. Overweight, Similar to human, low physical condition due to overweight may cause difficulties to get your goat pregnant by its male.
  4. Lack of nutrition, Other possible cause for your infertile goat is the lack of nutrition from your goat feed which lead to less optimal condition of its reproduction organ.
  5. Early mating, The last cause is maybe you were too early in mating your goats, since their reproduction counterparts are not yet well developed.

How to prevent infertility for your doe

In getting your goat back to pregnancy, you should consider several possible causes as described above. If it is due to genetic, there is nothing you can do since it will be infertile forever. If it is not due to genetic aspect, there are several ways to recover its fertility:

  • Maintain good nutrition through good quality feed before mating process, as well as maintain its weight to prevent overweight.
  • Treat and cure any sickness on your goat which possibly may cause infertility before the mating process.
  • Consider to replace the current mating process (natural insemination) to be an artificial insemination for a better conception.

Now that you know all 5 possible causes for your goat’s infertility, it is time for you to check the condition of your infertile goat and make sure it is not due to genetic. Hopefully the above prevention measures can help your goats back in action!