6 Reasons Why Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbed

Cats happens to be one from many animals that becomes our pets mainly because of its physical appearance anWhy Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbedd funny behavior. As a cat owner, surely knowing their activities is very needed as part of maintaining and caring for it. Cats behavior that is commonly noticed by their owners is their related to not disturbing while they’re sleeping. Here’s are 6 reasons of why sleeping cats should not be disturbed followed by its explaination. If you got the time and resources, here are some ideas of cat house design to put it your house.

1. Cats are in a cell regeneration process

The first reason of why sleeping cats should not be disturbed is while cats are sleeping, there’s a process that happens inside their body. This important process happening inside their body is the regeneration and repairment of cells. With this process, problematic areas on their bodies gradually returns to normal naturally. That is why we often finds cats that are hurting or sick prefer to lie down and sleep to return their body condition to normal. If your new cat still feel anxious in its new home, be sure to read the procedure on how to deal with adopted cats at first night in your home.

2. Cats builds bone and muscle tissues

This reason is applied to kittens that are sleeping and should not be disturbed, because there’s a muscle and bone building process while they’re sleeping. The availability of this process is one of the phases of cat’s development, so the cat’s immune system could also formed well and can help prevent them to get diseases that are inflicted on cats. For the sake of awell developed kitten’s health, never disturb and wake a sleeping kitten. Sleeping cat is good, but if you have a problem with your cats habit in sleeping on sands, read our article so you can effectively keeps your cat from sleeping in sands.

3. Irritates the cat

Another thing that becomes one of the reasons why sleeping cats should not be disturbed is that it irritates them and can cause them to get angry. This condition could trigger different kind of reactions starting from suddenly attack/scratch you or even meowing really loud and then leaving you.

4. The cat feels uncomfortable

Another condition that could happen if a cat’s sleep is disturbed is making the cat feels uncomfortable because of the nuisance while sleeping. This uncomfortable condition could cause your cat to leave your house and never coming back.

5. Make the cat dislike its owner

Other reason that could also make your cat uncomfortable while sleeping and should not be done is because the cat could dislike its owner. The bond between a cat and its owner should be well build so the process of caring and maintaining a cat could go nice and well.

6. Shorten your cat’s lifespan

Shortening your cat’s lifespan could also be a reason why sleeping cats should not be disturbed. This reason is the reason why domestic home cats have better lifespan because they sleep better compared to the stray cats with irregular sleep patterns.

And that’s the explanation from 6 reasons of why sleeping cats should not be disturbed. By not disturbing cats, it turns out there could be a ton of benefit to be aquired. If you have problems with stray cats, check our article on how to keep stray cats away from your house.

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