3 Common but Deadly Chicken Diseases You need to know


Are you a chicken farmer ? Or simply just have a chicken, especially special breed chickens, as your pet?. Well, regardless whether you are a farmer or simply a chicken lover both of you know having a chicken is easier than having another animals as a pet such as dogs and cats. Well in truth because naturally they just a farm animals but also could be a lovely pet or a livestock which God designed to be easy to take care of.

Chicken is easy to persuade and it is easy to persuade them to understand where their cage is. Chicken may be reluctant to come near you as they will flee away when you try to approach them, but when you offered them some foods such as beans they will approach you slowly and simply eat the beans. If you do this frequently they will approach you whenever they see you regardless whether you are bringing them food or not. Also based on writer’s experience when you put your chicken to it’s cage then the chicken would quickly understand that the cage is it’s home and safe space. This is proven when writer’s try to “catch” all of my chickens (4 chickens) then they suddenly flee away right into their own, acting it as the castle from anyone who would harm then stuffing they self with one another as an act to protect themselves. It is indeed quite simple to have a chicken right?. Overall you just need to feed them, let them out of the cage for a while, take them to the cage again, and frequently give them some vitamins to keep themselves healthy.


Remember, chicken is a livestock animal. They could not control or does not have the instinct to “take a leak” as they just bombed it all anywhere they be. If you put them together and rarely clean their cage. Thus, a plague shall raining upon your lovely chicken farm. Chicken is a fragile animal towards disease considering they are just like any other livestock animals. As a farmer and the owner you must aware there are 3 hazardous disease that could wipe out your chicken farm quickly and heartlessly. Which are :

1. Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza it’s a disease which caused by a virus called H5N1. In Indonesia this virus surely has wipe out many chicken farm and cost the owner a very great fortune. Not only that, this virus could harm human too, in Indonesia there are 155 deaths which caused by this horrfying disease. Thus making this virus one of the virus that you must aware and be vigilance of.

This virus attacked the respitoral system of your chicken. It simply just a flu but has a very deadly effect to your beloved chicken. You may not realize that your chicken has been infected with Avian Influenza until it’s too late especially when you are putting your chicken in a farmhouse. Sudden death is the symptom the most people realize that their chicken has been infected with H5N1 for a long time as Avian Influenza also attacked your chicken metabolism and immunity. However you still could identify the symptoms earlier and take a first-aid reaction towards your chicken which are :

  • Lethargic
    • If your chicken suddenly lost it’s will to do it’s normal activites such as feeding and wandering around thus keeping itself inside the cage. Then your chicken might be infected with Avian Influenza
  • Lost Appetite
    • Chicken love eating so much. It surely easy to feed your chicken, however if your chicken suddenly lost it’s appetite then your chicken might be infected with Avian Influenza.
  • Coughing and Sneezing
    • If you find your chicken coughing and sneezing oftenly especially with a red eyes like a drunk person then your chicken might be infected with Avian Influenza.

2. Fowl Pox

Fowl pox it’s a disease which exactly like small pox. It could be quite difficult to identify especially in a farmhouse because the pox are hidden under the chicken’s fur. However fortunate for us, a pox was a deadly disease back then because the medical technology was not able to fight against the virus, but nowadays it’s so easy to cure the virus.

However, don’t take Fowl Pox lightly. If you underestimate it, you might regret it later as the result of Fowl Pox would be certain death as the pain and suffering because of the pox caused chicken to stressed out thus die vainly. So be careful once again.

3. Sudden-Death Syndrome

This is the disease that writer feared the most. As writer ever experienced it personally. One day it was a good day, I was ready to harvest my chicken. However at the dawn I heard one of my chicken squawking, I didn’t care about it as I was innocent back then. After the morning I saw my chicken lying in it’s cage, with no signs of life, thus died suddenly with no symptoms before. My chicken was healthy yesterday, even I feed it and gave it vitamin everyday. But Sudden-Death Syndrome still take out my chicken’s life.

This disease however, it’s not easy to figured out about. As you just believed that your chicken was healthy but twas not hence died in vain. However most scientist believe that your chicken may suffered from metabolic disease such as Avian Influenza and you didn’t even realize about it.

What shall I do to Prevent Such Horrible Disease?.

 Once again, remember, prevention is better than treatment especially for a chicken. As it might be quite difficult to cure your chicken because it might even hard to spot the disease in the first place. So prevention is the best solution to keep your lovely chicken healthy right?. So check this out :

  • Frequently Clean Your Chicken’s Cage
    • As we mentioned before, chicken it’s not a dog nor a cat who able to dump in approriate place. Chicken would simply take their dump wherever their be even dumping inside their own cage. So it is better for you to clean the cage once a week to make sure your chicken could live in healthy way and disease would never harm your chicken.
  • Give Them Enough Vitamins
    • Vitamins would able to stronger your chicken’s immunity. With stronger immunity your chicken would able to resist any virus or bacteria that could harm it’s healthy. You could easily buy vitamins for your chicken with a cheap price around 5 to 20k rups. Also it’s quite easy to give them vitamin as you just simply pour the vitamin to your chicken’s drink.

Not so hard huh? It would incredibly difficult to cure your chicken’s disease than to prevent it so remember prevention is better than treatment.