How to Heal an Emotionally Traumatized Dog


Do you have a dog?. If you have, then you must be know that dog is a magnificent emotional being that was meant to be our best friend. Dog care for us, knows our emotions and feelings. However, as magnificent as it be, dog it’s a fragile creature too. It could be traumatized. Traumatized dog could really hurt our heart as our best friend got traumatized by something we may don’t even know. There are many factors a dog could be traumatized, however we could still heal our friend. We could still heal our friends, this article would give you an easy solution on how to Heal an Emotionally Traumatized Dog

Identify The Symptoms


There are many symptoms of dog being traumatized which we could identifiy easily. Anorexia, inability to sleep, always want to hide in a safe place such as under sofa, hyper-vigilance, extreme fear, outburst of aggresion, and refuse to play with you. Then if your dog has such symptoms you must be aware probably that your dog has been traumatized  by something whether happened in the past or just recently.

As the owner, you would simply understand if your dog has a significant change of behavior. Your cute love and caring dog suddenly turns into a dog who become so aggressive or even become afraid of you. When this happens you know something is wrong, you must know that your dog might got traumatized.

Find Out What Caused The Trauma?

Trauma, based on Oxford Dictionary, means “A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.”. In other words, there was something or even someone who might stressing your dog or harrassing your dog, it could be another dog that harrass her, or even human who does not have a heart. Remember a dog is a magnificent being who’s also fragile as we are, so a dog would be easily traumatized if something or even someone harrass and stress her out.

Identifying trauma on dog would be uneasy task. We need to find out what makes our precious dog become so traumatized. Firstly after you find out your dog has a vast change of habit like those symptoms we mentioned above, you might want to check whether there is a scar or something on your dog’s body. If you find a bite or a claw scars then it might your dog have been a fight with another dog or any other animals, if you find a bruishes or even broken bones then maybe someone might hit your dog or even abuses your dog.

A bite and claw scars which was caused by a fight between your dog and another dogs/animals. Regardless whether your dog loses or wins the fight, a trauma still could occur to your dog. This happens because the dog feel the pain of her scar and could make her lost her confidence. Which makes her afraid and traumatized.

Your dog might be get hit by a car or any vehicles. A dog is an active animal who love to wandering anywhere, which is why it’s a mandatory to walk your dog. However sometimes your dog might wondering alone in front of your house even getting closer to the street and cross it which could make her get hit by a passing car. Dog is unpredictable in terms of crossing the street, which is why dog is often get hit by a car or any other vehicles. The accident could cause injuries like bruises and broken bones. This injuries makes dog uncomfortable therefore the dog would feel traumatized by the accident.

Also your dog might be got abused by someone who just being a complete heartless strew. This kind of people hate dog so much, why someone need to hate dog? Or even any other love caring animals?. We don’t understand why these kind of people even exist. If your dog got abused she would not only traumatized but even worse more than traumatized. After the trauma, the dog could even be scared for her own owner as she remember the cruelty of people who abuses her and dog would generalise everyone after such incident. This could be hard to heal if occurred.

How to Heal an Emotionally Traumatized Dog

First thing first, if you know your dog got traumatized and has some physical scars then you might as well want to treat the wounds as soon as possible. We recommend you to treat the wounds of your dog herbally as it more natural and has no chemical ingredient in it. However, if you decided to bring your dog to a vet, please remember don’t bring your dog to a vet who still not proven his/her capability, pick a vet who has proven his/her capability.Remember, don’t mess with your dog safety and health.

Secondly, your dog might as well being afraid of you and don’t want to eat. Well you know dog love to get a pat right?. Giving your dog a pat is key step her in order to heal your dog from trauma especially when you pat her and hug her. Now just simply pat your dog slowly with passion and love then slowly feed your dog with dog’s biscuit until she feels comfortable. Repeat this every day to make sure she could regains her confidence and forgets the trauma.

However, if your dog suddenly become scared to you because someone might abused her, well you need to apologize even though you are not the one who abuse her. Go apologize to your dog, she will understand. Then slowly and softly talk to her by offering her food until she approaches you, if she does not approach you then you need to repeat this again and again until she does. Then after she approaches you, you might want to pat her and hug her and tell her “it’s okay, i am here, it’s okay” . Repeat this everyday until she regains her confidence back and not scared of you anymore. Also there are many methods you could try on how to treat trauma in dogs.

In the end, simply you must gain her confidence back until she runs and kicking of happiness.

A Happy Dog = A Happy Friend

If you managed to heal her, she will treat you as her friend even a best friend. She will be happy around you and will always follow you even waiting for you to go home. A happy dog is a happy friend. Dog is a magnificent being and was meant to be our loyal companion. So please take care of her, protect her, don’t let anyone abuses her, and love her always.

*Barks away.