8 Common Symptoms That Your Hamster Is Sick

Your hamster is sick, so before it happens you just know the several common symptoms like the following below here. There 10 common symptoms that your hamster is sick in general that you should learn as well as a good owner. So, let’s check these out what is the common symptoms are.

1. How to know the common symptoms

How can we know that a hamster is sick? There are several signs that are usually shown by a hamster. One of the easiest and most common signs is from their habits. Healthy hamsters, usually he looks cheerful and he is very active. Otherwise, if the hamster is sick he will look moody and usually he is lazy to get out of his house. So, the next point is the first warning signs that your hamster is sick. Let’s see what it is.

2. Loose of appetite

The first common symptoms that your hamster is sick is he will lose of appetite. How will to get know your hamster is a loss of appetite? The best feed hamster is once a day at the night. So, notice this if there are still lots of foods in his food bowl, it means your hamster is not eating well. Besides, you can weigh his weight on a digital scale. Look at the difference in numbers on the first day to the third day. Is there a reduction in his weight? This is the first common symptoms that your hamster is sick. Find out what is the reason he won’t eat well.

3. It is less of hamster activity

Healthy hamster is always active, so if your hamster inactivity it might he is sick. However, if you have a hamster that is old, it might be your hamster in hibernation. Hibernation means the hamster could not move at all from his bed. Just look at his house, if he is sleep for a long time it means he is in hibernation. It takes a difficult to wake him up. In here what that you can do is make your hamster cage temperature warmer than usual. The cold temperature makes your hamster hibernation. So, with warm up the temperature of his cage, he will wake up and he will do his activities as usual.

4. It just sits in the corner

It looks like your hamster is too fat, he just sits in the corner. Look at him, your hamster looks very difficult to run, even he is walking he always gasped. This is called obesity, it means that your hamster too much eating and he does not do any workout. That is why put some toys in a hamster cage is required. It avoids them from being obesity, and laziness.  So, what should you do if your hamster is being obesity? Please. list several healthy diets for your hamster. Put his feeding bowls up on his roof. So, with this, your hamster will try to get the food by climbing the stairs. It works.

5. Hair loss

Hair loss, it could occur in your lovely hamster. This is a common sign that hamster is stress. Stress in hamsters can be affected due to several factors. One of them it is because the environment is dirty because you rarely clean his cage. Cleaning of hamsters must always be done at least once a week. You can see it on how to clean your hamster cage easily, clean his cage it does not take much time. Otherwise, the other factor of hair loss of hamster. It might be he has skin disease like red spots or bald patches. If your hamster has this skin disease, please to clean up all your hamster cage (include the bedding). Perhaps, your hamster is allergic to the material bedding that you used that is why his skin has many red spots.

6. The bad smell from your hamster’s mouth

However, if you smell any bad scents from your hamster’s mouth. It might be your hamster’s mouth is not healthy anymore. The reason is you do this mistake that makes his teeth is overgrown. Yes, you do not put chew toys for your hamster. Check first your hamster’s mouth, please check his mouth. Are his teeth getting close to its cheek? If it is not, you can give your hamster chew toys or fresh vegetables to keep his teeth in the right size. Otherwise, if it is overgrown you directly must go to your vent. Your vent will trim your hamster teeth as well as possible. To maintain your hamster always healthy, you can do bath your hamster with these safe ways on how to bath hamster properly.

7. The tail is wet

When you see his tail is wet, it might he has diarrhea. The cause of hamster’s diarrhea is due to bacteria. This occurs when the food eaten by your hamster is not hygienic. Food that is directly spread on the hamster bedding it allows the hamster to get diarrhea. Another common sign is that he will experience dehydration and loss in his diet. Hamsters will look weak and pale. He chooses to drinks than eat something, that is why he lost his appetite. If your hamster looks weak and pale in several days, you should immediately go to your vet. So that your hamster can be given antibiotics. For an alternative way, you could give your hamster fresh vegetables in his feeding bowl. Do not spread any kind food at his bedding.  So, take care of your hamster as good as possible.

8. The first help that you should do

So, what is the first help that you should do if your hamster has several common symptoms that your hamster is sick? Do take your hamster out and place your hamster in other clean cages.  The clean environment will help your favorite hamster to recover. It could be a common sign of the disease shown by your hamster because of its dirty habitat. A dirty environment full of mold and bacteria which can interfere with the health of your hamster, such as respiratory disorders. Respiratory disorders in hamsters usually begin with a sign of the nose and eyes of a runny and it followed by sneezing. Do the best treatment for your hamster that he is sick. Take him to the vet, the vet will give an antibiotic for your little fella. For the beginners, you should read this on how to take care of the hamster at home, with these full of easy tips. It might you can be the good owner of the hamster.

Hopefully, the 8 common symptoms that your hamster is sick in general could benefit for you, hamster lover. A hamster really a sensitives pet. While its environment is dirty it can the cause one of the factors that your hamster is sick. So, know and learn it well and do the first help before you go to your vet. Good luck.