How To Clean Your Hamster Cage Easily

Hamster is a little fella that sensitives and it loves so much hygienic.  So, as the good owners, it is a must you should clean their cage once or twice a week. What is happening is your hamster cage dirty? Well, below here there are 10 ways how to clean your hamster cage easily. It just makes 20 until 30 minutes to clean all of your hamster cages. So, let’s check these out how to clean your hamster cage easily.

1. A preparation that you must do before cleaning the cage

This preparation is a must to do before you gathering all the equipment needed to clean. In here,  you need to see the condition of your hamster cage. Is your hamster cage has a smell bad or the bedding in your hamster cage is wet? This first step is important to ensure whether it needs to be cleaned or not. When the cage smells are so bad and the hamster bedding looks dirty and wet, you must immediately clean your hamster cage. How to clean your hamster cage easily? Please follow the next step. See also How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners

2. Collect the cleaning equipment that you are needed

After you know the condition of your hamster cage. It is time to collect the cleaning equipment that you are needed. What is the cleaning equipment that must be collected? You needed some items such as;  some clothes to clean and dry the cage, a disinfectant product cleaning that is safe for your lovely hamster, sponge, bucket or a large bowl, plastic garbage, and new cage bedding.  Collect them all before you clean your hamster cage. Do this so that your cleaning will become easier.

3. Hold your hamster gently and move it away

Cleaning the hamster cage will be easier if all things in the cage are moves. How is the right way? First, you should move your little fella in other cages. Before taking out your hamster make sure to wash your hand first. Hold your little fella with both your hands, with this way your hamster will safe. Put it in its other cage or its ball. After that, replace all things ( the accessories) that stick on the cages. Please, moves out of their bowl and their bottle too and put all of them in a bucket or in a large bowl. See also How to Take Care of Siberian Husky in Such a Hot Weather

4. Make sure your little fella is comfortable and safe

Notice this, if you put your hamster in a ball, please do not put it in a high place or in a place that far from you. Keep it close to you, it is due to keeping your hamster safe from your cats or dogs that you have. If you put your hamster in another cage, you may give some bedding in that cage, and put some food also drink in their bowl. Make sure your hamster comfort while you clean the dirty cage. With this way, you have not to worry about your little fella again. Is that right?

5. Do clean the hamster cage well

Do clean the hamster cage well. You should do clean the hamster cage as well as possible. Spray the cage with the disinfectant product in each corner of the hamster cage and wait for it for 5 minutes. After that use sponge and cleaner to clean the cages both inside and outside the cage. All side of hamster cage must be done clean. If there is a dirt that difficult to clean, you can soak the cage with water and disinfectant product then you can clean it. Make sure to rinse it well until the bubble gone. Do these same ways to the properties of your hamster’s mine. There are a lot of bacteria in that properties too. So, you should clean them all with the right way. See also Tips On How To Take Care Of A Puppy At Night Time

6. Dry all under the sunlight

All both accessories and hamster toys that are clean, you can dry them all under a sunlight. You just wait at least 30 minutes. If there is no sunlight, you can dry the hamster cage and all of the hamster’s properties with a dry towel. It is the fast way to make it all dry. Is it easy right? Make sure all of them is dry well. Now, you can start to renew the hamster bedding. Put a paper as its new bed and give it some wood shaving or sand to make your lovely hamster comfortable.

7. Start to redecorated 

You just did renew its bedding, so it is time to start redecorating. If you want to look like something different, you can give new toys or you can change the atmosphere. So, if your hamster cage is an aquarium, you can put a picture like a beach or garden. Your hamster may feel it looks like it is at a garden or at the beach. This new atmosphere may avoid your little fella away from stress. Besides if your hamster cage is a cage with iron bars, you can redecorate the properties with a different perspective. Example, as always you put the toys on the right side. Maybe this time you can put in on the left side. It will look different for your hamster. See also  How to Foster A Stray Adult Dog

8. Put your hamster back in a cage

Just go and get your hamster from the other cages. Before you take out your hamster you should wash your hands first. Take out your hamster with the same ways as you did before. Hold it carefully and gently in both your hands. Then, put your hamster in its new cage. Let your hamster adapt to its new cage, you just see and wait for at least one hour. In here, you will be seen your lovely hamster really loves its clean cages so much.

9. Make the next schedule of cleaning

After finished clean your lovely hamster cage, now it is time to make the next schedule of cleaning. When is the right time of cleaning the hamster cage? It depends on how many hamsters that you have. If you have just one hamster, you should clean its cage in once per week. Besides if you have two or more hamster you should clean two or three times per week. Please to activated at your reminders in your phone, or you can mark the date on the calendar as a reminder of the next schedule of cleaning your hamster cage. Truly, it will help you to remember. See also  How To Take Care A Pregnant dog

10. Some risks will happen if your hamster cage is dirty

There are lots of risks if you are not cleaning your hamster cage. Do you know? Your hamster will have any kind of disease caused by dirty cage condition. A hamster will show some signs, such as; its body looked weak, its nose is watery, your little fella will be stressed, and their feet will be affected by a disease like Pododermatitis.  Pododermatitis is a disease that affected your hamster’s feet. This is why you should clean the hamster cage, it aims to keep your hamster away from any disease that might affect them.

May the 10 how to clean your hamster cage easily should give many benefits to you the hamster lover. Remember to clean your hamster cage at least once a week. This is to aims to keep your hamster away from any disease that might affect them.