10 Ways To Hold Your Hamster Correctly

Some beginners owners do not know how is the correct to hold their own hamster. Below here there are 10 ways to hold your hamster correctly that easy to understand, it even you as the beginner owner. Let’s check these out the 10 ways to hold your hamster correctly.

1. Always clean your hands

First, before you pick up your hamster you must clean your hands. Clean your hands with a soap non-perfume, why you should clean your hand first? Hamster does not like any strange smell, it avoids them distress. With you clean your hands, it makes them more comfortable.However, if you want to hold another hamster, it is recommended you should clean your hands again. It is to avoid him being attacked. Do not hold your hamster if you have a food smell in your hands. Your hamster can bite you.

2. Let your hamster sniff your hand

Relax and take a deep breath, for the first time to hold hamster is little creepy. After your hands clean and dries, open its cage then place your hand in its cage. In here, let your hamster sniff your hand. Your hamster will be sniffing around your fingers and he makes sure that you are his real owner. It takes several minutes, so you just wait and see your hamster. Does he go to your hands or not?

3. Give a treat

If above ways there is no reaction, your hamster just plays around at your finger. Maybe you can use this way, give your hamster a treat. Place several of sunflower seeds or pellets in your hands. Then, let your hamster approach your hand. You just wait and keep patience until your hamster wants to eat its food in your hands. If your hamster enjoys eating its food in your hand, let your hamster comfortable first. One by one you feed him and you can gently to hold him with your hands. This trick always works.

4. Secure your hamster with your hands

One of the ways to hold your hamster properly is to hold your hamster with your hands. Make your hand like a cup, this will make your hamster safe, your hamster will not fall. However, if you still afraid to hold your hamster you can do this trick. You can use an empty and clean soda bottle. Cut it in a half, it makes like a scoop, then place it in your hamster cage. Let your hamster crawl into that scoop. After that, take it scoops come out of its cage and you can transfer your hamster in your hands. Be careful, make sure the edges of bottles are smooth. Besides, if the edges are not smooth it will hurt your hamster’s body.

5. Lift it out with gently

This small and cute animal is very frightened to height. So, after you have successfully hold it. Make sure you lift him carefully and gently. If he is shocked when you lift him and he tries to bite your finger, do this. Start gently blow it towards his face. This will give you a free time so he doesn’t bite your finger. Immediately place him in the playground outside the cage that you have prepared. However, make sure the playground that you build is safe. You can see these several ways how to keep your hamster outside safely With these tips, your hamster will not run away over its playground that you build.

6. Hold your hamster in your chest

However, other ways to hold your hamster correctly you can hold it close to your chest. Make sure you hold it not too strong. Your hamster cannot breathe well if you do this your hamster might die. Hold him with this way it can avoid your hamster from trying to run or jump away. Another trick, you can use a small bowl to lift your hamster out from its cage. With this, your hamster will safe, and he can not run or jump away while he is in the bowl.

7. Take your hamster back in its cage

In fact, a hamster is a pet that is not to be held. For that, as a good owner, do not be too long and often to hold your hamster outside the cage. He can be scared and stressed. It would be better if you return your hamster to the cage in this way. Hold the hamster with your hands, open your hamster cage, place your hands lower in front of the cage. Wait half a minute and let your hamster jump and enter the cage. You can close and lock the cage as well as you did always.

8. The hamster is sleeping

While your hamster is sleeping, it is forbidden for you to hold your hamster. If you do this, you will see for yourself how your hamster reacts. He will feel disturbed and when you wake him he will feel uncomfortable. He thinks that you are a predator. So do this step if you want to hold him. Say it softly like, please wake up little fella or by ruffling his bedding gently. With this, he will wake up and then you can hold it.

9. Do not do this while holding your hamster

Rule number one, when you hold your hamster, keep it fairly close to the ground, do not lift your hamster more than 30 centimeters off from the floor. You may put your hamster in your body when you are lying on the floor. This way is to keep your hamster closer with the ground. When you are want to do other activity, you could put your hamster in a safe place that away from any predators. For more information, you can see how to take care of a hamster at home, it is suitable for the beginners.

10. Punish your hamster

The last ways to hold your hamster correctly is do not do punish your hamster, even your hamster want to run away or jump. Do not do yelling at him or give any strong punishment to him. Your hamster will see you as the enemy. Just do blows to his face, this is better than give any strong punishment to him. However, some beginner owner always do this mistakes, it is forbidden to pick up your hamster by an appendage. While you pull the hamster’s neck, it will bad for its eyes. It is a wrong way to hold your hamster.

Hopefully, the 10 ways to hold your hamster correctly above can be useful for you, the hamster’s lover. With the above ways to hold your hamster correctly, there are no mistakes again how to hold your little fella. Keep trying and good luck.