Pregnant Hamster Behavior – Important To Know!

Hamster is a very fun animal to stare at all day. It could be very entertaining. Especially when you off work, seeing your hamster would be such a good feeling. You would barely get bored to watch them, as hamster tend to do many activities in the cage. They will run in their wheel, running around here and there. It just seems like they had many energy to go around.

If you’re the kind of owner that always spend some time in a day to watch your hamster then you will probably notice quick enough when there is something off with your hamster behavior. Those changes may leave you in confusion as what happen to your hamster. Well, don’t worry, if those changes in behavior you see in your hamster are similar with what I will explain below then it means you don’t have to be worry. Because those changes mean your hamster is pregnant. To know what those behaviors are please keep on reading about this pregnant hamster behavior – important to know!

1. Aggressive and grumpy

The behavior you can easily notice on pregnant hamster is they will become aggressive and grumpy. If your hamster is the kind of hamster that like to play with you and maybe also other hamster, if they the kind of hamster that are just nice in general, but then they suddenly become aggressive and very grumpy chances are they are pregnant. But If your hamster is the kind that are aggressive from the start or you haven’t had a chance to tame her yet then it might be quite hard for you to notice the changes of behavior when they’re pregnant. But don’t worry as there is still others behavior you can see on your pregnant hamster.

2. Attack other hamster

When your nice hamster is pregnant you have to be careful as she will not be so nice anymore. If your hamster shares the cage with others and your hamster usually fine with other hamster and they seems to get along pretty well, this will no doubt changed when she is pregnant. She will start to attack or fight the other hamster even when the other hamster did nothing to her. The presence of another hamster itself will enough to make her want to protect her territory. Because another hamster presence will make her feel like her space being interfered and threatened so she will try defending it by attack or fight other hamster. If the other hamster is the father of the babies in her bellies then it wouldn’t help either. In fact, that would make your pregnant hamster feel more irritated.

3. Attack the owner

Another thing you also need to know is that your pregnant hamster will not only attack another hamster. But she will also attack you. The way she did it is by bite you when you’re close enough to her. Even though your hamster was always been so nice to you I guarantee you it will change when she is pregnant. But you don’t have to be worry too much. This behavior will not last forever. She will be nice again to you when the pregnancy is over and after her babies are big enough.

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4.  Build a nest

Here’s more about pregnant hamster behavior. When you see your hamster started to arrange some materials on the corner of the change then chances are she just started to build the nest for her and her babies once she giving birth later. Hamster will always build a nest when she is pregnant. She will use any materials she can find to build this nest. That’s why when you saw this it’s better for you to put some fresh materials in her cage for her to build the nest.

5.  Hoard the food inside the nest

When the nest is already there your hamster will also hoard the food inside the nest. Other than inside the nest the hamster could possibly hoard the food around or near the cage. In some cases they would built two nest and use one of them specially to hoard the food.

6. Eat and drink way more than usual.

If you’re the one who give them food and water each day then it will be very noticeable for you if the hamster would eat and drink way more than usual. It’s true some of the food will go to the nest, but you will still notice how much they eat it most of the time instead store it in the nest. It even possible for them to eat two portions of food in a day. If you notice this then try to change the food to the healthier one very slowly so that your hamster won’t feel surprise that can caused stress which is not good for the pregnancy.

7. Slow and weak

Your hamster will walk differently than usual when she is pregnant. It would seem as if she feels her body is way heavier than before. That’s why she can’t walk as easy anymore. Especially when your hamster is the kind that always walk fast before. You will notice how she can’t do it anymore.

8. Easily feel tired

When your hamster would usually playing the wheels or her toys all day before then when she is pregnant she wouldn’t or couldn’t do that anymore. Other than her weight that could probably hold her, pregnancy can also cause her to be more easily feel tired. That’s why when your hamster pregnant she would not be doing any of these activities as often. The reason for this could be also because she’s afraid of the extreme exhaustion that can caused her to miscarriage. But it also could just because she feels how her body is heavier which make her kind of hard to do anything.

9. Confuse all the time due to date is near

This one behavior would started to show when her due date is near. Your hamster will seem to be confuse all the time, like she doesn’t know what to do. The reason for me could be because she started to feel all the symptoms before giving birth. Much like human they will feel the contractions from time to time. She will become very uncomfortable because of that. That’s why she will be frantic and restless. If your hamster already behaves like this then you should be more careful in taking care of her as she about to giving birth soon. But remember while taking care of her you should be very quiet so you wouldn’t disturb her.

Those are very important information for those who had pregnant hamster for the first time. The thing that is very noticeable of pregnant hamster is that they will have a change in behavior. That’s why it’s pregnant hamster behavior – important to know! It’s is very important thing to know what those changes are. Because if you don’t know about this it would making it hard for you to taking care of them or to understand what happen to them. Since you already know how your hamster going to behave when they’re pregnant it wouldn’t make you surprise anymore. It could also make you being more prepare about it. That’s why you need to pay more attention and to know more about these behaviors.