Easy Tips of How to Raise A Healthy Rooster

Many people recently working to fill they needs.  Sometimes they do not have time for the joyful. Certain people spend the time to relax by raising and having a pet at home. While most of them prefer to obtain a cat or dog which is more obedient and cute looking, however for the other having a bird like chicken is more enjoying to experience. If you have decided to have chicken it is advisable to gain more insight and knowledge to become a happy and successful chicken farmer. You do not have to be an expert but at least you know the very basic about the chicken. Along with program you will find the most useful information by talking to an experience chicken owner or you might buy some books to read, or maybe you can join the chicken keeper community in your district. For the plus information please read below lists on how to raise a healthy rooster for making your farm is joyful and less stressful both for you and your loving pets.

  • Feeding

No matter what animal you raise, the most imperative part you are not allowed to forget is food. The full of nutritious food is used to raise the rooster. Food that contains a lot of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals are eaten to support the rooster development to become a strong productive and powerful one. As we know that in animal sight whoever stronger it is the one who hold in control. You can find the food from the chicken shop and ask what they have. Also you can see what purpose of the inside the food. One brand goal might be for the productive rooster whiles the other brand focusing on the growth of the feather; it could be another brand which has multiple purposes. So it is better to read the manufacture list first before you buy for your lovely rooster. One more thing you should taking into consideration is their natural habit to forage and peck anything edible and stimulate them to show off their prosperity. Spreading the oyster shell or egg shell will provide them more calcium. Letting them peck the ground is good as well as having another nutritious food such as a backyard bug or worm.

  • Water

Providing the rooster water all the time is essential as this to prevent dehydration and keep them healthy. As you know that living creature contains of almost 90% liquid inside the body. While human need about 1500 liter to 2000 liter a day to stay healthy, so does the rooster. Having access to the clean water is good measure while somehow rooster can grab the leaf to get water also.

  • The coop is always clean and tidy

Even a lot of people might think it is unnecessary for the rooster to have a homey cozy house, but to keep the coop clean and tidy is the good idea to keep them healthy and happy. Dirtiness can create illness such as skin infection particularly while yours is in molting phase period. On the other hand the smoke and the air that contaminated by the old faces and secretion you neglect to remove will cause respiratory disease something I believe you want to avoid for your flock of chicken.

  • Have your rooster a shelter to stay still overnight.

For some reasons farmer prefer to have rooster free overnight on the backyard. It is no wonder since they might think that rooster need free space to find their own corner not like a hen or chick. However to keep your flock healthy is it good idea to keep them in coop even night. It is not meant to limit their activity or their freedom but considering the predator during night is the top priority. Even if your backyard has full hard fence somehow the silence predator can come in and grab the rooster there. This action has another goal which is to keep them from distraction in minimum level. While they are in the coop it is hard for them to move around to show their aggressiveness and allow them to stay and sleep well enough. You do not want to end up your rooster day by day right?

  • Have one rooster for eight hens

This is to avoid the competition around the rooster. As you know if fighting is allowed at the end you will lose one rooster for each day. So preventing this you need to encourage the community of your flock obeys your command. If you have set a group of one rooster with the eight hen members, do not allow the other rooster in. Let have set another group for this rooster. Once they behave to docile the roles of group you create you will see how happy and healthy they are since the competition is less.

  • Friendship between you and rooster

While you find that having rooster is great experience, you will find as well that this living cute friend can entertain you with their funny and adorable manner. Once you create a friendship with them, they will follow all your instruction because they already gain trust in you as their owner. You are the one they rely on safety and food. You are the one they trust can protect them from any nuisance. So do not waste this opportunity to grow and develop each other by loving them. By caring and loving them you have made the rooster healthy and happy to the most level they are.

In conclusion, keeping anything in your authority is a big challenging if you do not know how to solve it. If you have a book you need to keep it readable and intact same as if you have other things that you need to maintain them in good condition and prevent broken. So is if you have a pet, it is your responsibilities to keep them healthy and happy.  By having a healthy and happy rooster you will find another pleasure in your life. You will share the happiness to your close relatives. This is good for your healthiness as well. So I hope after you read the list on how to raise a healthy rooster will give you sight another point of view that provide a good impact in the future.