3 Dangerous Mistakes That Owners Make to Hamster

If it’s your first time having a hamster, of course there would be some trial and error. You would make some mistakes while take care of your hamster. But nevertheless, you need to keep researching about your hamster and try to not make the same mistakes or another more mistakes. You choose to pet a hamster so you need to take a responsibility of that. It means you should know everything that could endanger your little hamster in any way. So, to help you to not make another mistake and keep you informed, here’s are 3 dangerous mistakes that owners make to hamster.

1. Small cage

This is the first of 3 dangerous mistakes that owners make to hamster. Many of this kind of cage still being sold out there. This might be something that seems harmless since hamster is such a small animal. But you need to know hamster do really need a big cage. They’re the kind of animal that has many energy to go around. So, there is no size of a cage that could too big for hamster. It would be like the bigger the cage the better for the hamster. Even if your hamster is belong to the dwarf breeds, they will still need the big cage. The recommended of the minimum size for hamster cage would be 80 cm wide, by 50 cm deep, by 35 cm high (2 ft. wide by 2ft. deep by 2 ft. high).

When you decide to pet a hamster please consider to get a big cage for your hamster. Hamster is a very active animal. They able to run for miles every single day. That’s why it’s good and necessary for them to had a big cage. The other reason is also hamster would spend most of the time in the cage. They would only get out for short/limited amount of time. So, it is very important to make the cage big in size so the hamster can keep active.

You also need to size up your hamster cage. In their natural habitat hamster tend to separate their chamber in the burrow that they made that act as their home. Most of the time those chambers will serve as bedroom, food storage, and bathroom. It’s also possible they made other chamber for another purpose other than those three. So, hamster will need a big space to be able to fit all these room that they’re going to need. It would make them feel even more comfortable to have all those rooms in the cage. That’s why, once again, a big cage is very necessary for them.

2. Giving unsafe things

What I mean by things here are bedding, toys, and any other things you give to your hamster. You probably think that as long as the product you give to your hamster are the product that labeled for hamster then it will be safe. Unfortunately, this is not true. There are still many things that even sold in pet store that aren’t safe for your hamster. If you don’t know about this and just give it to your hamster it will surely endanger them. That’s why you need to know what are those unsafe things you can give to your hamster.

I will start with the toys first. You need to pay more attention to your hamster toys. What they are made of. Sometime, hamster owner only pay attention on how the toys look like. You will also only see how your hamster likes the toys. If they seem to like it then you will surely let them playing with toys all the time. But it is very important for you to check what are those toys made of. Is it made of a dangerous material?

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Those dangerous materials would be rubber, metals, toxic wood, or toys with small part. These materials are dangerous because your hamster can accidentally swallow them. Hamster liked to chew things, including their toys. If they chew them of course some of those dangerous materials would be swallowed by them. So, having those kinds of toys will surely dangerous for your hamster. There is no way you can make them to not chew their toys as it is one of their nature to chew things. They need to chew things because their teeth will never stop grow. So, in order to keep the teeth in the right length they need to used them to chewing.

Now we are going to talk about bedding. Some owner will buy any bedding that is available for their hamster without to get know what it made of. I have to say this is wrong. Because some of bedding materials out there aren’t safe for your hamster. So, you can’t just buy them in blind. You need to check what it is made from before you buy it and put it inside your hamster cage. Some of the examples of toxic materials for bedding are that made from cotton, pine, cedar and also scented bedding.

3. Not educate yourself about hamster illness

This is actually very important. Before you got any pet please make sure you educate yourself about them. You should not only think about the place they’re staying or their food, you also need to think about their health too. What I mean by this is that you need to know at least common illness they can suffer. Why this is important? Well, if you know about all this beforehand, it would be easier for you to resolve the problem. If you’re not educated about this it would definitely hard for you to even analyze what is wrong with your hamster.

But this not only about illness. Sometime this also about pregnancy. If you choose to place your male and female hamster together in one cage then you also need to know about this. What are common symptoms of pregnant hamster. How to take care of your pregnant hamster. How to take care of them after they’re giving birth. You need to know all this too. Because if you’re not take a proper care of your pregnant hamster then it would be dangerous for them. As pregnant hamster does need special treatments and you need to give them that.

You need to be very aware of there 3 dangerous mistakes that owners make to hamster. Please try to never make these three mistakes as it is can endanger your hamster. I’m sure you love your hamster and wouldn’t want to do that to them. As a good owner you always need to make everything safe for your hamster. If your hamster is happy and healthy it will surely affect you too. So, it’s a must for you to not endanger your hamster in any way.