7 Kinds of Cute and Unique Hamster in The World

What are kind of hamsters in the world? There are plenty of it, and there are a lot of species that you might want to know. Talking about hamster, we have discuss on the previous articles on 7 Ways on How to Invite Hamsters to Play and the signs of dying hamster, it really is important for those who have it in their home. Hamster is really cute with its fluffy soft fur. You can take it as a pet, because hamster is a tame and non-dangerous animal. Why? Because hamster is an omnivore and it is different compare to rat although both of them are rodents. Hamster is not a pest like rat does.

There are many kinds of hamster in every part of the world. Hamster has a small size, so it is really practical to carry because it doesn’t need a huge cage. You can learn how to make a hamster cage on How to Build Your Own Hamster Cage or if you need preference on how to keep hamster odorless you can read it on How To Clean Your Hamster Cage Easily Most people will say it is difficult to differentiate male and female hamster. And if you one of them, you can read it on 7 Ways To Differentiate Male and Female Hamsters

Hamster is part of Cricetinae subfamily, which this subfamily is divided again into 18 species and classified further to 6 up to 7 genus. It has chubby body and a short tail. Its ear is also furry, its leg is wide and chubby also. It has thick long fur which makes it look adorable. There are many kinds of hamster, which we are going to discuss.

Kinds of Hamster in the World

  • Roborovski White Face Hamster

Its name is pretty long, Roborovski White Face which is one of hamster species. This species is the smallest and the most agile compared to others. But its fur pattern isn’t much and it has a coward characteristics. It is a fast runner and pretty hard to play with. When you touch it, usually it will jump and run away

  • Syrian Hamster

The next one is Syrian hamster, so Syrian hamster is the biggest in size compare to others. It has wide variety of fur pattern compare to Roborovski hamster, and there are Syrian hamster in long or short hair. Although it has a big body, this hamster is tame and its movement is rather slow.

For a beginner, taking this species of hamster as a pet will be great because this hamster is pretty easy to be touched, tamed and bite rarely. However, because of its huge body, automatically, its poo will be more stinky compare to others.

  • Winter White Hamster

It has a beautiful name, Winter White hamster is a hamster which is almost similar compare to Campbell hamster. What makes it different is their fur, Winter White fur isn’t as woolly as Campbell, and its head shape is rounder than Campbell. One of Winter White’s Uniqueness is its fur which can turn color on every season.

This changing fur color is occur because of its fur pigment that is effects by prolactin hormones. In summer, Winter White hamster will turn its fur from grey to dark brown, and even to pale brown.

  • Campbell Hamster

Campbell is a type of hamster that the most widely breed, it also has a huge variety of fur pattern, with bright color, such as panda, satin, dove, argente hamster. It has the most aggressive characteristics compare to other species. But usually, if it feel threaten, it will bite and immediately run away.

  • Hybrid Hamster

Hybrid hamster is the breeding of Campbell and Winter White hamster. Actually, this breeding is prohibited by the western law, because it will be vanished the original and purity of Campbell and Winter White hamster. That’s why hybrid hamster is not the pure species

  • Chinese Hamster

Chinese hamster is rarely found in Indonesia. Chinese hamster is existed in the western countries such as United States and England. This kind of hamster is originally from China, exactly on the north part of Chine and this also come from Mongolia. There are a lot of people that consider this hamster as mini, although actually it is not. Its body indeed small, but it is considered as mini hamster. This hamster is really easy to be tamed, friendly and calm.

  • European Hamster

There is also European hamster. Its latin name is Cricetus cricetus. This hamster is commonly known as Eurasian hamster. In the Europe itself, it is commonly known as black-bellied hamster or Alscae hamster.

That’s all 7 kinds of hamster that you might want to know, and if you are going to have it, here is several tips on How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners that you can follow. Happy Reading.