7 Ways on How to Invite Hamsters to Play

Hamster? Who doesn’t know this animal? Small cute animal that mostly taken as a pet. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people that consider hamster as a mouse. What you need to know is that hamster and mouse are two different kind of animal, they might look slight the same with its whisker and tail. But mouse is part of pest and hamster isn’t, although both of them are rodents.

We have discuss this animal million times, such as how to keep hamster odorless, 7 Ways To Differentiate Male and Female Hamsters, to different kinds of hamster in the world. Hamster worth to take as a pet because it is a tame animal, a herbivore and it is also extremely cute. Besides, it is easy to take as a pet because we don’t need a lot of energy to take care of it.

Although tame animals such as cats are easy to be cared, their cages need to be huge enough for them. Unlike hamster which only need a small cage and you can read on How to Build Your Own Hamster Cage

Hamster is part of Cricetinae subfamily, which later is divided again into 18 kind of species, and divided again into 6 to 7 genus. Hamster has chubby body with short tail and furry ears. It also has wide, short feet. Besides that, hamster also has a thick and long fur, and for the color, there are a lot variety of color depends on the species, such as black, grey, white, brown, yellow, and red. And if you have it at home, how do we invite them to play?

Today we are not going to discuss on how to know the signs of sick hamster just like on the previous article : 8 Common Symptoms That Your Hamster Is Sick, but we are going to tell you on how to invite them to play.

How to Invite Hamster to Play

  • Make a Comfy Cage

First of all, you need to introduce the new place to your hamster, so it will be easy for it to adapt to the new environment. By introducing the new place, it will also be easier for you to tame it and invite it to play. The cage should be bigger compare to its small body. The material should also strong and clean so your hamster will feel comfortable inside and easier for you to invite it for a play.

  • Create a Playground

Here is the reason why hamster cage should be bigger from its body, because inside the cage you should provide toys for the hamster. Here are 10 Best Toys For Hamster To Play In Cage that you can use as a preferences. This is also part on how to invite hamster for a play. Hamster toys include pipes or woods that are used to make as a tunnel. It will be easier to use bamboo than wood, and you can create a wheel that can be used as a running wheel for the hamster.

  • Touch the Hamster

The other way on how to invite hamster for a play is by touching it. Touching can be considered as teasing it. Once a while touch its tummy, but just don’t long or it will make it ticklish

  • Touch Its Whiskers

Hamster has thin whiskers. You can use it as an alternative when inviting them for a play. Touch or flicks its whiskers, but don’t too harsh or it will hurt your hamster. Usually whisker are the easiest to make hamster keen and close to you.

  • Play with Its Tail

Another way on how to invite hamster for a play is by touching its tail, and let it run to and fro and once in a while touch or pull its tail slightly. The same thing happen to cat, it will respond when someone touch its tail, as long as it is not too hard. Cat itself is as tame as hamster and we have discuss it on the previous article

  • Tease It with Foods

What are hamster favorite foods? There are plenty and all of it should be in the form of seeds, such as rice, sunflower seeds, green beans, corns, soy bean, etc. You can also give them some treats that you can read on : Enjoyable Hamsters Treats in Their Meal Time as a preferences. Once in a while tease it with its favorite foods, place the food and when hamster going to take it, quickly take it back until your hamster respond to it.

  • Give It a Ball to Play

Not only human that could play a ball, but hamster could also play a ball. Give it a ball inside the cage. Let it dribble it and it is your job to roll it when the ball stop rolling. Looking at the rolling ball, your hamster will be excited to play with it.

How is it? It isn’t a difficult thing to invite hamster for a play. More or less like taking dog or cat to play. It is just that cat and dog mostly plays outdoor besides hamster stay only on its cage. Those are 7 ways on how to invite hamster for a play.