4 Cute Facts of Chinchilla You Must Know

Small pet animal become the perfect choices for people who have limited space inside their house.  Animal such as pet hamster, guinea pig, rabbit and chinchilla become of the most popular species of pets. It’s all depend on each individual personal preference; you might be the one who love rabbit as your pet, because as we know rabbits are one of those animal that riven into many different species. For the examples are fluffy rabbit and Angora rabbit.

There’s people who prefer keeping hamsters, and there are people who fall in love for chinchilla. As I said before, all back to your personal preferences my friends, because everyone have their own terms and conditions they should adjust and obey. However, for everything have the pros and con like two sides of a coin, today, we would discuss about 4 cute facts of chinchilla you must know. These facts would give insight and consideration why chinchilla could be a very good and adorable animal to be part of your life.


A little information about chinchilla, they might look like rabbits they both of these animal are totally different. But, it’s very normal for people (especially commoners) did mistaken both of them. Furthermore, there are two different species of chinchillas, first is Chinchilla Chinchilla and second is Chinchilla Lanigera. Chinchilla was lived in parts of different Countries, from Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile; unfortunately, out in the nature of wildlife these days, chinchilla colonies would only be found in part of Chile.

For insight, chinchilla claimed the appellation of the densest fur among other living mammals on the land. Tragically, chinchilla present is getting rare over the time due the fur hunt by irresponsible people for chinchilla’s fur was popular for fashion industry (cloths and accessories). However, these days chinchilla – luckily – was also kept as pets; most of the times, the descended of Chinchilla Lanigera was the one that commonly raise as pocket pet.

Facts about Chinchilla

So, now on, we would learn 4 cute facts of chinchilla you must know. Due the popularity that chinchilla has gained these days, we would dig deeper information about chinchilla background stories, and what makes this animal is so famous.

1. The Long Life Span

Interesting first fact we want to share to you is that chinchilla surprisingly have a longer life span compare to many others small animal and furries out there. The fact is that chinchilla could reach their lives to teens, and even more, some of them was reached their twenties. Furthermore, slightly different than other animal, commonly animal that protect and raise under captivity is tend to live longer than live among the wildlife, but in chinchilla’s case is the opposite.

Chinchilla that lived among the wildlife tend to have a longer life span than the one that live inside the captivity. The reason behind this reverse case caused by the teeth that keep growing over time. A veterinarian named Laurie Hess, DVM  from Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics in Bedford Hills, New York explained that in the wildlife, chinchilla source of foods tend to be rougher than in captivity which ordinarily would use hays and dry pellets as the main diet.

2. Chinchilla and Their Colors Variation

Second fact is that chinchilla was born in many variation of colors – this is adorable isn’t it? The problem is that you would not see it often because the majority of pet chinchilla color was dominant in blue-grey fur color. But, it’s quite different for wild chinchilla. In the wildlife, chinchilla used to exhibit yellow-gray fur colors. Moreover, people if you want to see color variation of chinchilla, we suggest you to take a tour to natural habitat of chinchilla in the wildlife.

You want to know why, because not only yellow-gray color, in the wildlife, you would see beautiful and mesmerizing colors of white, beige, also ebony coats. What’s more surprising is that some chinchilla even show of most beautiful variant colors of violet, sapphire; and in few chinchillas they were gifted with amazing colors such velvet and charcoal.

3. A Sociable Animal

For you who dream about having a fun sociable pet inside your house, then chinchilla would make your dream come true. Not only the appearance, chinchilla consist with a fun and adorable characteristic – yes, this animal is a very sociable individual. As we know, chinchillas roamed the wildlife as colonies – almost never, this particular animal have seen travel alone without any other companion.

Perhaps, chinchilla hate to be alone. As a nocturnal creature (and yes, that is another fact), the night is became the highlight of the day. They would start to forage their foods, and doing some adventures journey with their own colonies during the dawn and the dusk and spend most the daylight with sleeping. So, based on this fact, if you consider to have this animal inside your house, you might have to keep more than one chinchilla to prevent depression.

4. An Affectionate Animal

One other thing you could adore from this animal is their affectionate. Don’t ever mistaken, chinchilla have more affection that you could ever imagine. As we learn previously, that chinchilla have a really good relationship with their own races; they well-adapted with their own colonies and cage-mates (if they were in captivated). But, however, in case that your pet chinchilla didn’t have a roommate, then it is your job to accompany her every day (at your free time).

Chinchilla crave social community, and if you did not provide this need, it’s highly possible for your chinchilla to get stress and even depression. So, it is important for you to spend time every day with your beloved pet to ensure her that she is not alone – you’ll always be there to her. However, because of this soft characteristic, chinchilla is tend to bond faster with human – no need to worries my friends!

These are the facts of chinchilla you must know. So, how was it? Are you interest to pet a chinchilla, pal?