3 Kinds of Dental Issues on Chinchillas

Chinchillas are super cute and adorable. We love them to be our little friend at home. Besides their cute faces, another noticeable features on chinchillas is their teeth, right? Well, it is obvious because their open-rooted teeth, which are common in rodents like degus or guinea pigs, keep on growing 2 to 3 inches per […]

Choking on Chinchillas; Is It Normal?

Chinchillas are adorable and cute. Chinchillas are also relatively easy to take care of. However, just like any other type of pet, Chinchillas are prone to several health problems, including respiratory issues. They are somehow, prone to choking. Choking in chinchillas is not normal. It can be a serious situation because without proper treatment, it […]

How’s Importance of Vitamin B Complex for Chinchilla?

Chinchilla or rabbit? This question would trigger many people in its own way, because the two of these creatures was one of the most popular small pet animals on earth. Well, people have preference and reasons – so, no matter what you choose. But, however, today our topic would go around the chinchilla, folks. There […]

How to Overcome the Heat Stress in Chinchilla?

Chinchilla, one of the most popular small pet animal on earth. Due their small bodies many people raised and keep as pet hamster (although they were totally different animals). There many cute facts about chinchilla that is the reasons why they were loved so much. Furthermore, chinchilla was herbivorous animals; in the wildlife chinchilla’ main […]

Is Chincilla Potentially Affected to Pneumonia?

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Can Chincilla Eat All Kinds of Food?

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4 Cute Facts of Chinchilla You Must Know

Small pet animal become the perfect choices for people who have limited space inside their house.  Animal such as pet hamster, guinea pig, rabbit and chinchilla become of the most popular species of pets. It’s all depend on each individual personal preference; you might be the one who love rabbit as your pet, because as […]

Which One is Easier to Care, Chinchilla or Rabbit?

People, many people love to care small animal pets rather than the larger ones; cats, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rabbits become ones of the most preferable choices for majority of people. The background reasons behind it? Well, first, it’s doesn’t take so much space inside your house, second – what else should be? Yes, […]

6 Facts of Chinchilla to Keep as Pet Hamster

Any of you that didn’t know yet about Chinchilla? Well, many people many not familiar enough with this animal. Their shape looks like big mouse where their ear is bigger and larger from any mouse own. Chinchilla also rodent animal so that’s why people usually compare them with another rodent animal like Hamster, Guinea Pig, […]