The Differences Between Legless Lizard and Snake

The scientific name of the legless lizard is Lialis burtonis. because reptiles from legless lizards are classified as reptiles which can be said to be very many species in the world.

The body shape of a legless lizard is almost similar to a snake from the way its moves and is a type of animal reptiles. they both breed or live in all regions of the continent and can also develop in a variety of cold, hot, wet or dry climates.

Some people have even kept legless lizard animals because in addition to being easily treated the place needed to accommodate these legless lizard or other animals which with have amazing sense of smell and with cages ranges from 20 gal only.

Legless Lizard
Legless Lizard

Even in 2007 a scientist also found footless lizard fossils that were 95 years old. which is a lizard species with the Latin name Adriosaurus Microbachis if it has a foreleg that is almost invisible and does not function.

In the history of legless lizard fossils are as old as ancient snake fossils. sometimes it’s so difficult to distinguish between which are legless lizards and snakes because there are so many similarities between these two types of reptiles that is like they both have dry skin parts covered by scales.

Then, they both are cold-blooded animals. Therefore, they use external sources to heat their bodies and moreover, both are carnivorous animals. there are also striking differences between snakes and legless lizards including the following:

Body Of Legless Lizard

In general, footless lizards have two lungs and all of them function, whereas snakes only have one functioning lung. So we can check species to distinguish them.

And in a snake it has no sense of hearing at all namely ears while legless animals have ears and other body parts Have eyelids that can be moved, while snakes do not exist at all.

Habit Of Legless Lizards

The different every animal is which have something unique thing like example unique things about ground squirrel feeding habit. While habit footless lizards always opens its mouth slightly when its tongue sticks out, while a snake has a cavity at the front end of its mouth and can stick out its tongue by means of a closed mouth.

Very unique because the tongue in a footless lizard is not branched or branched but is short and each branch is blunt, while the snake has a clear branching tongue and each branch is long and pointy.

It has eyelids that can be moved, whereas the snakes to discover in australia or other country do not have them at all. on the belly scales lines are less and vague, while in snakes more and very clear.

Legless Lizard Protect From Predators

When a predator wants to prey, the legless lizard will release its tail for self defense mechanism and finally the predator is busy with the tail of the lizard, then the chance for the legless lizard to escape.

To grow a lizard’s tail again it takes several months. Legless lizard life is always in the underground area and in snakes always take large prey so that to get information directly we can search for places such as open forest, and grasslands with good ground cover.

Legless Lizard Marriage

Adult legless lizard especially California regional species around two to three years legless lizard marriage begins in late spring or early summer, this is certainly different from the marriage of snake species.

Whereas for Papua the legless lizard’s head is more pointed like the tip of a pencil and the color is more brown or yellowish to the ground sometimes also accompanied by a black line that runs from the tip of the head to the tail..

Those are some of the differences between footless lizards and snakes that we can know and the length of reptiles of this type of lizard is about 60 cm and one thing that cannot be done by legless lizards is that they cannot bend and let alone twist like snakes do.

These lizard species are known to be very docile and friendly with humans. as well as the characteristics of these lizards is to find their food is not too difficult because it is very easy to find around us such as insects,the baby of gigantic freshwater fishes, crickets and so on.

So the conclusion is never to think that lizards are legged reptiles and all reptiles that don’t have legs are snakes. apparently not like that because in a family of lizards known as the legless lizard.

In addition to the many species that we can find but there is also one species that has different characteristics of animals that live in savanna biome like habit and character of lizard because it is a blind lizard that can not see that comes from America and according to the chronology that this type of lizard has crept across the Bering Strait and Asia.