The Differences Between Legless Lizard and Snake

The scientific name of the legless lizard is Lialis burtonis. because reptiles from legless lizards are classified as reptiles which can be said to be very many species in the world. The body shape of a legless lizard is almost similar to a snake from the way its moves and is a type of animal […]

All You Need to Know About Snake Shedding Skin

Replace skin emphasizes behavior in which animals routinely remove part of their body (mostly the outer layer of the skin, although not always), both at certain times and at one time in their lives. As consideration also you can check on simple exercises for your dog to maintain its health. Examples of animals that perform […]

3 Slithering Differences of Snake Islands in Brazil and Indonesia

Many places on earth declared as the forbidden places by the official bodies to visit due the safety issues for the visitor; one of the most terrifying place of the list is the Snake Islands. Personally, I’m not a fan of this animal and I got goosebumps whenever I got closed to this animal. One […]

10 Reasons Why a Corn Snake is the Perfect Pet for You

At first glance, most people are generally intimidated by the idea of keeping a pet snake. They have this notion that all snakes are dangerous, slimey, and foul-smelling. In reality, that is not always necessarily the case. As a matter of a fact, only 200 out of the 2000 species of snakes are venemous, and […]