Meet The Smallest Lizard On Earth: Jaragua Gecko

Talking about reptile lizards, of course there are very many types ranging from the largest lizards to the smallest. but this time we will discuss about the small lizard called jaragua gecko.

Animal have a fact live like snazzy facts of leopard geckos gather up. At first Richard Thomas and Blair Hedges found a small dark brown lizard precisely on the island of Beata. there are as many as 23,000 species such as birds, lizards and other mammals according to the researchers’ words.

Habitat Of Jaragua Jecko

Jaragua jecko lizards are the smallest lizards among others, measuring around 16 mm, which lives are in the Jaragua National Park, more precisely in the Dominican Republic of the island of Beata and the person who discovered this one of the type of world lizard species was called Richard Thomas.

The scientific name of jaragua gecko is sphaerodactylus ariase and there is another type of lizard again the same size as jaragua jecko, namely the scientific name dwarf gecko. the ages of these two lizards range from 5 to 10 years.

Jaragua gecko is a land dwelling animal and therefore can also be found in wood, stone, and even rubbish bins and because they are hidden animals usually only see out the head of jaragua gecko from their hiding place. Jaragua gecko activity often occurs in the afternoon until the evening.


The female lizards usually hatch white and sticky eggs and the eggs are usually very soft in the early stages but eventually they can harden quickly and the eggs have no care from the mother.

Until now the jaragua lizard is still protected by humans and will not be threatened with extinction, and the estimated weight of these lizards is only 0.00455 per ounce.

By looking at this beneficial animals to raise on a small farm or small terarrium for tiny jaragua body, maintenance and breeding does not require a large terrarium, for example, measuring 25 * 40 * 30 centimeters alone will not be a problem. You can also place dried corks or plants on the terrarium as a jaragua hideout


Food from this one lizard is also like other lizards that we can find easily that is like various types of insects, more unique they can eat fruit too. And another unique fact from jaragua is when we look at the toes like double jointed and actually the toes bend more in the opposite direction from our fingers and toes.

They can even peel the toe to the inside surface. As a sign that with the many species animal like species of penguins in antartica so it is also very difficult to distinguish animals between one another.

However, one of the attributes of a lizard is that there are not even less eyelids, so the lizard used to use his long tongue to moisten the membranes in the eyeball.

We are very easy to touch existing lizards because they are classified as docile animals. And the advice is you should not touch the tail because it breaks easily because the lizard will feel the enemy will attack. and if it’s already broken you can separate it from other geckos in different places.


These many lizards spend most of their day and sleep on hidden floors like bush areas even on the ground to get away from predators. Because these lizards must be in areas with humid temperatures or they will quickly wither and die from evaporation.

Even scientists have warned that jaragua lizards are under threat of local deforestation. so don’t ever underestimate animals as small as this because they are living things that we must protect together by not cutting down trees carelessly especially in national parks.

There was once an incident in the Caribbean region which is a forest that once covered all the land now is only less than 5 percent.

According to Hedges said that but it is still unclear how many jaragua geckos are in the world. Because we need to know that the environment has played a role such as how a lizard can be so small. the biggest animals like reptile lizard is komodo dragon.

Of course garso jaragua lizards can also be kept in accordance with the needs of a complete lizard but things to know in gecko maintenance for male lizards are usually they can date and be stronger and if not given the opportunity to the female parent to rest or hide they will commit violence in dating. then the best and can be done is to separate them in different places aiming to protect.