2 Kinds of Rabbits which can Live in The Dry Area

A baby bunny play around happily inside your house? Who doesn’t like it? Rabbits are the perfect pet choices for a lot of people. They were friendly, fun to play with, and most important part is they were ridiculously adorable. Although there so many options for domesticated ones but there are many people who prefer to choose eccentric way to get pet rabbit. You want to know? Those people prefer to catch wild rabbit from the wildlife – or their garden and keep them as pet.

But, however you couldn’t do that on every place, turn out at some states in America, keep wild rabbits as pet is classified as illegal action. Furthermore, rabbits requires healthy foods and environment to grow, and it is your job as the owner to supply all their necessities; to keep them healthy and strong. The health must be your number one priority. You know, although we have gave all the best treatment to our lovely buddies, sometimes, there’s thing we couldn’t avoid, one of them are cancers.

We have already discussed it, in case you never see it, then here’s the article to learn more about cancer in rabbits: ways to indicate typical cancer of your pet rabbit. However, be careful, not everyone is okay with rabbit, because turned out, some people have allergic on rabbit. So, it’s way better for you to check yourself first before bringing them home.

As we know, rabbits are not only attend to keep as pet, but they also could be massive profitable business farm. Most of the time, people would raise rabbit as livestock for their meat and fur. Don’t be surprise, because a lot of people have fall in love to the taste of rabbit meat – and it’s not only for the taste, but it included a ton of benefits you could get from it. Rabbit meat was rich of nutrient, even reviled it was perfect source of meat for pregnant women.

But, people, now we were going to learn about the life of wild rabbit among the wildlife. If you thought that rabbit only live among the green grasses, then I’m sorry, you’re wrong. There are 2 kinds of rabbits which can love in the dry area. Surprising, isn’t it? So, without further do, let’s check it out!

Rabbits that Lived Among Dry Area

It might surprise you that there are rabbits that survive among dry area. We thought that rabbits are always associated with grassy lands full of bushes and trees. But, the mother-nature has her own way to prove that we’re only small creatures that’s know nothing. Yes there are 2 kinds of rabbits which can live in the dry area and lucky you, my dear friends, we would discuss about it as our main topic today.

1. Desert Cottontail

Desert cottontail is came from family Leporidae, and they were also known as Audubon’s cottontail. This animal is a New World cottontail rabbit, but they have different habit like other European rabbit. One of unique habit of rabbits are the social burrow system they used, but desert cottontail has brake the system – yes, they didn’t have habit of social burrow. But, do not mistaken that desert cottontail is anti-social individual, because if we compare this species to other leporids, they were one of the most tolerant species.

The Lifespan of Desert Cottontail

The adulthood of desert cottontail was approximately averages less than two years. This adaptation was made based on climate of location they live. So whose are the main predators of desert cottontail? Unfortunately, every single carnivorous animals that are faster than desert cottontail are potentially become their predators. For the example is snake; snakes often recognized rabbit’s nest and eat the litter of your desert cottontail.

The mothers was unable and don’t have any power to protect their litters, and the ones (litters) that survived would grow into the adulthood within a short period which is about three months.

The Habitat of Desert Cottontail

Desert cottontail nature habitat is the desert, and those deserts was spread throughout Western United States: from Northern and Central Mexico, to the Western Texas and then through the Eastern Montana. Their nature habitat always associated with dry desert grassland and also they could be found in up high about 1,830 m from the ground or about 6,000 ft.

2. Black-tailed Jackrabbit

The next rabbit that used to live among the dry areas are the black-tailed Jackrabbit. Black-tailed Jackrabbit also known as The American Desert Hare which is the common hare found among the Western United State and Mexico. They were found in the elevation of 3,000 m or 10,000 ft from the sea level. An ordinarily black-tailed jackrabbit reach weight about 1.4 to 2.7 kg or about 3 to 6 lb. You must know, from all the North America hare, the black-tailed rabbit become of the largest species of hare among others.

Distribution of Black-tailed Jackrabbit

As most common rabbits, this species distribution was spread throughout the states; but, the most areas of black-tailed rabbit distribution was on North America. It was spread throughout the south which is around Zacatecas and Baja California Sur to the east Missouri and then in the central Washington.

The Main Diet of Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Black-tailed jackrabbit has choose forbs, grasses, shrubs, and small trees as their main diet. Furthermore, the forbs and grasses are mainly eaten during the summer or spring, and the shrubs would become the main diet throughout the winter. The foods selection was based on the moisture and the growth stage of each plants, which is totally depended on climates on the locations.

Natural Habitat of Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Black-tailed Jackrabbits has no preferable places to become their habitat, they could live on every range of area as long that place is provide all their main foods, such as small tress and shrubs. Not only green grassland area, they also lived among rocky dry area as long as the foods was provided. Moreover, these plants are not only become food sources for black-tailed rabbit, but also hiding place to protect themselves. It is why, the plants must be present in Jacky habitat.