How to Make a Dog Listen to Your Command

Being a pet owner of a dogs has given me opportunity to gain power over them. Sometimes i forgot that i am even human anymore when around them. While playing as a god -pet owners, i mean- the dogs will follow general rules, they sit when we told them to and speak when we told them to (sort of). But not everyone posses this kind of power. I happen to know how to make a dog listen to your command.

Reward-based training

The way to win a dog heart`s is through his stomach. Research shows that dogs learn more quickly when rewarded with treats for good behavior. The more a dog is rewarded for an action, the more frequently he will perform that action, as long as the reward sufficiently motivational. But when the dog take undesirable action, we withhold the reward and wait until the dog offers more desirable action.

For example, if my dog attempts to jump on the table to eat my cereals , i immediately pick him up and put him in 30 seconds time out. After that, i take him back to the room and ask him to sit down. If he does, i will reward him with a treat. With this way, i made it clear that jump on the table result in nothing fun. Reward-based training would be more effective when your dogs a little bit hungry, but if your dog is in skinny state you should know how to treat your skinny dog and gain healthy weight .

My favorite toys

Dogs do have emotions, and obsession is one of them. Some dogs obsessed to everything and some will keep it simple: just the one toy. Their obsession over a toy is still a mystery because there are so many kinds of toys to choose from the market, they come in different shapes, colors, sizes and smells.

Your dog`s toy has different meanings, it could reminds them of happy memories when they get to play with the toys, the toy woke their instinct as a mother that they want to be surrogate mother, in contrast the toy woke up their natural instinct as predator. Take advantage of their favorite toys in case they do not listen to your command, the toy will encourage them to do desirable action.

Love moves their world

We often hear in movies and songs about a man who will do anything for love, same goes with dog. Study found that when dog and their owners interact, extended eye contact increase oxytocin levels in both the dog and its owner. As oxytocin is known for its role in maternal bonding. In simple terms, when the dog loves its owner, they will pay more attention to what the owner says and more likely do as the owner commands.

Affection and discipline is they key of successful dog training. Just like us humans, a dog will not listen to someone that they hate. Building a strong relationship with your dog is essential to make a dog listen to your command. Dogs  can be annoying sometimes with their barks. You should know more on how to train our dog to be quiet on command.

Dominance dog needs to be spayed or neutered

Dominance dog thinks that they are leader of the pack. This “top dog” will show aggression towards other dogs in his house or area. More over, top dogs just brutally shows his dominance everywhere which is dangerous. Do not push your affection to dominance dog because they are in unstable condition. Pet owner needs to show strict discipline over this dog, learn how to stop aggressive behavior of dog

One of the effective ways to control your dominance dog is by neutering or spaying your dogs. Dogs that are not sterilized often have more behavior and temperament problems than dogs that have been spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering can make dogs become friendlier and less likely to bite. Further more, the less the tantrum, the easier to train them to listen to you.

Drain their excess energy

It is cute and all when your see your dogs happy running around the house or out at the park. Until your lovely vase is tear down to pieces and your pillow is barely a pillow. What is the point to have a  lively and playful companion if you can not control it. There are dogs with so much energy that they need to channel this energy somewhere.

Many dog owners could relate to this dilema. The first thing to do is find an activities that will drain your dogs energy. Hyperactive dogs could be trained like the rest of the other dogs, but you need to channel their energy somewhere else beforehand. For example, Take them to a long walk during the day. There is no universal exercise standard, but it is a safe assumption that if your dog is in constant motion and unable to settle down even at the end of the day, he probably needs more exercise than he is getting. After all the hype is gone from your dog, then he can focus on listening to you the owner.

It is crowded here, I can not concentrate

If it is the first time you take your dog to a dog park, he might be find it hard to concentrate. How they will listen to you if he is focusing on somewhere else. There are squirrels on the bench to chase, beautiful female dogs just in the corner to flirt with, or there is a particular big dog who just stares at your dog from afar and it scares the puppy out of him. Being in the middle of the crowd can be overwhelming for your dog, take him to somewhere else less crowded and let him get use to it. Only then, your dog could focus on you and listen to all your commands, after he gain focus on you train your dog to stay in the yard.

It takes a lot of elements to make your dog listen to you and focus on you when there is distraction around. Give your dogs sometimes to gain their conscious of their surroundings then direct their focus on you. There will be a lot of obstacles along the way on how to make a dog listen to your command, but the result is rewarding and worth it.