How To Calm A Rabbit In Shock

Hey, rabbit lovers so how are you today? The last, we already learn about how to make your rabbit relax. So, today we will learn about how to calm a rabbit in shock? Why rabbit can shock? What are the reasons the rabbit shocks? All the answers are in here. Let’s read it the following bellow here carefully, and do this to your rabbit if he or she get shocks.

1. Listen to her sound

Rabbit can not speak or make a sound, such as a cat or a dog. But we can notice the sound that makes by our rabbit. These sounds it can be two meanings. It can be a happy sound or it can be a warning sound. So, how the difference between happy sound and warning sound? If you hear small snoring, soft claws, and soft teeth, it’s mean your rabbits are happy. However, if you hear the harsh back feet of a rabbit, and a growling voice from him, then he is in danger. This method is usually used by rabbits to warn their friends.

2. Check on him

So, while a rabbit in a dangerous situation they will be frightened and hide in their place. They will not appear until the danger has passed. If you found your rabbit frightened and hide in their place. Make sure that your rabbit is okay. There are no injuries in his legs, ears or other body parts. That is why you should check on your rabbit. Make sure he is fine, if there is something that happened to your rabbit please take it and go to your vet. He will help you to heal your rabbit.

3. The position of ears

Rabbits have sensitive radar, this can be seen from the position of their ears. If his ears stand with the rabbit’s tight face, this means the danger will be coming. While the danger is coming and he is shocked, so then he will run as fast as he can. Your rabbit might be seeking the hiding place that could not predators found him.  Let’s your rabbit hide and calming itself. However, if the position of the rabbit ears is neutral, his body lies with both feet behind. This means your rabbit is relaxing.

4. You should know his signs

How to know the signs of rabbit is afraid? While your rabbit is shocked and afraid, your rabbit always shows these signs; hiding in his place and never comes out, your rabbit is being aggressive, he bites his cage,  too much eat or drink, stomping his back legs, and more. So, as the good owner of the rabbit, you have to know about some signs that your rabbit in a dangerous situation or not. This is really important.

5. Any predators or not

What is the reason your rabbit being in shock? The most common reason is a predator. Rabbits are herbivorous animals where these herbivores are animals that are eaten by predators, such as snakes, dogs, crocodiles and more. This herbivorous animal is very vulnerable when he is outside the cage. They can be preyed on by predators. So, if you want to release your rabbit in your backyard. Make sure that is safe away from any predators. Please take your dogs in the cage. With this, your rabbit does not feel threatened.

6. Build something to him

There is a simple way to make your rabbit loves you, please build one or two big tunnels for him. You can make the tunnel from cardboards or you can make it from the big wooden tree branches. What is the tunnel used for? It is used for your rabbit’s hiding place. When they are in danger, feel shocked and afraid. They love to hide in their hidden place to calm itself. This hiding place can avoid your rabbit runs away from your house. So, make this one his hiding place,  if you do not have time. You can buy a rabbit house in a pet store.

7. Calm your lovely rabbit

Rabbits are fragile and easily feel scared, it is same as hamster while having fun at outdoors. Rabbits are very shocked when they hear loud noises or shouts of children. This sound is considered a rabbit like a predator attack. So, if you do not want your rabbit to be shocked, never scream, turn on loud music or make a loud noise to him. Do not take up your rabbit if he does not like it. Let your rabbit sit in your tight if he wants. You can use a towel if you want to move the rabbit (while in the forced state). While you take up him with a towel, he will feel safe and no more shocked. He thanks to you, owner.

8. Rub his head

Lift up your rabbit (if he wants) hold him and rub it smoothly on the top of his head and the bottom of his ear gently. Do this regularly if your rabbit is shocked. If the rabbit does not calm down, you can cover the rabbit’s eyes gently and cover his ears with your hands while you rub his head. These ways are surely working on shock’s rabbit.

9. Feed him favorites food

His condition is under control, so what you should do the next? While your rabbit is quite calm, you can feed him with his favorite foods; carrots, or fruits. Treat her with any food that allows for your lovely rabbit. You give him a chew toys sticks for rabbits that available in pet stores. With this chew sticks, he will bite it and he will play with it. This chew toys can eliminate his nervous, and it can make him happy again as before. Chew toys are not for the rabbits, it is also the most favorite toys for a hamster, you can check in 10 Best Toys For Hamster To Play In Cage.

10. Go to your vet

The last way on how to calm a rabbit in shock, while you have already tried on all way to make your rabbit calm but there is no effect. You should go to your vet. It might be your rabbit is sick and he needs more attention. Please ask your veterinarian to come to your house. Say that your lovely rabbit can be more stress if he goes by car. Besides, you wait for your vet, you can take your lovely rabbit in a special cage. This is to avoid the prevention of disease transmission.

Hopefully, the 10 on how to calm a rabbit in shock above it might be useful for you, rabbit lovers. With these ways, you as the great owner do not be a worry again. You just did as the right way on the above tips.