7 Duck Breeds Which Are Suitable to Keep as The Pet

Pet duck has so much benefit. Beside can raise for only pet, duck can also raise to business. There is breed duck that can also use as pet but there is also breed duck that only use for breeding and not suggested to pet at home.

You may familiar with pekin duck that already popular as pet animal. But did you know that there is another type of duck that you also can pet at home. People surely want the best type of duck to be pet at home. Well behaviour and simple treatment usually pulls people decide to pet an animal. Even there is not official rules or criteria which one that usually duck to pet at home, here is some criteria that usually people looking for when pet something especially duck.

  • Behaviour

Their behaviour is first point when people decide to pet duck. A duck breed that is not flighty, cheeky, loud or shows any signs of stubbornness or aggression will be first option to be considering. The breed duck also needs to be friendly so you can let your child to playing with them. Even you can let them perfectly, at least you can supervise child they are still animals and children should not be left alone with any animal

  • Simple treatment

All pets require attention, care and treatment. They have to be checked for parasites, injury and illness regularly if needed every day. The food and water must be cleaned and fresh each day. There is no getting around that for a healthy pet. But a pet that can fend for itself like going out foraging actually also helping out around the place is a good pet to have. Pet duck with wild style will make you easier to treat them.

  • Adaptable

Living in the cage at poultry and living inside home or back yard is pretty different. Their ability to adaptation with new environment is a must if you try to put them as pet animal. Not every duck breed can familiar with home and moreover can survive on it.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

People looking for duck that has beautiful feather. If you only know that duck is just white feather, you must stay on this web and scroll below to increase your knowledge.

  • Flightless

Pet something must be considering security side. You need to sure that you pet the duck that can’t fly. Beside security side for people inside your home, flying duck will make your home look a messed.

The type

Here is the type of duck that you can keep at home.

  • Pekin duck

Duck that usually consumed by mostly people in America can be your pet animal inside home. Pekin duck is heavy duck that come from China. They will give you 80-140 eggs per year. Talk about personality, Pekin Duck is friendly enough. They are calm so it is surely children friendly. Even calm, Pekin Duck loves to explore and moving around inside your home or on your backyard. It depends where you place them.

  • Buff

Buff duck is so suitable to keep in your home and placed in backyard. They are popularly as backyard and farm or homestead duck that’s why they difficult to be find. They are calm and gentle and the most important thing, they have aesthetical side. Their brown-cream feather and some accent grey and white increase their cuteness level.

  • Cayuga

Cayuga is next aesthetical breed duck that you can keep at home. Their stand out green feather. They are easy to tame, calm, and strong. Their green-black combination feather will increase their mysterious side. They’ll produce 100 – 150 eggs per year that start with black shells at the beginning of the season and gradually lighten to a light grey or white.

  • Call duck

Call duck is your great choice when you want pet duck but doesn’t have large space. Talk about personality, they are really calm and can be noisy either where you are living in big city. For you who live on noisy environment like big city, they may unsuggested for you. all Ducks are available in a wide range of colours including: White, Mallard, Yellow belly, Chocolate, Magpie, Bibbed, Apricot, and Khaki.

  • Campbell

Next is Campbell. This brown duck is literally calm. Beside popular with their much eggs quality, Campbell also can living well with human.

  • Indian runner

Beside popular with high egg production, Indian runner also popular to become pet animal in home. their ‘stand up’ posture should become your considering to make higher home duck. They don’t fly which is suitable for you who want to let them get inside your home. As their name, they are truly a runner. They are available in around two dozen colours including White, Fawn, Apricot, Black, Mallard, and Silver.

  • Crested duck

Who doesn’t know crested duck? Well, this pompom head-duck is pretty popular to become pet animal because of something unique up stair their head. This duck grows really fast which is why they are an excellent meat breed. They also lay a decent amount of eggs per year of between 100 to 130 medium/large sized white eggs per year.

Breed duck always has their own side to give you some benefit. Both raise in dozen and single rise, it’s all good for you. It is so opposite with all aesthetic feather duck that usually we met in lake that living free.

Both wild duck, breed, or pet duck must be treated well. They have same right to long live. Also, they have same right to be protected from any exploitation. Even breed duck formulated to raise in dozen, it must be balance with well treatment that they should receive.