10 Odd Kinds of Duck Breeds Over the World

Odd word may too cruel for God’s creature. Something special that unfamiliar usually called as weird or odd. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t living well. They do have same right with another familiar animal.

Many people may didn’t know that duck has odd kind. Yes, duck that usually you eat, you meet, or maybe you pet in your home has different version. Generally, duck that we know has white or black feather. By black or orange beak, it makes them easy to know well. But did you know that there is unique kind of duck that you don’t expect before? It is basically they are like another duck which has membrane or their legs, swimming in pound or lake, has long beak, and still breeding by lay egg.

All that mostly we talk below is about their feather colour. Duck can also have colourful body either. More than three combination colours on their body. Moreover, the colour place around of their eye so it increases their exoticism.

Did you curious enough? Here is unique or odd kind of duck breeds over the world.

  • King Eider

This type called king because of something yellow on their head that looks like crown. They have four combination colour such black, grey, cream, and white. Their beak coloured red and their leg is orange. If another duck generally can’t fly, this duck can do fly to hunt their food. They usually breeding during summer and spend their time to hunt in winter on the side of the sea.

  • Long Tailed Duck

This is unique duck after King Eider. Long tailed duck not only has long tailed, but also pink beak which is increase their cuteness. Their body colour has three combination colour such like white, black, and brown. There is grey spot around their eyes but mostly their body colour is white. This species is one of the deepest-diving ducks where is they are swimming as far as 200 feet below the surface of the ocean for food. So they hunting under the sea. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the species spends more time underwater than at the surface compared with other diving ducks. The long tail is actually two extra-long central tail feathers.

  • Mandarin Duck

This type is actually a perching duck and it’s really East-Asia endemic duck. The wild duck in Asia, however, face a population decline due to logging and habitat loss and so does Mandarin Duck. Thankfully for these ducks, despite the males impressive breeding plumage they are not typically targeted by hunters. This duck looks like golden duck which is their body mostly full by brown, white, and black. Their beak is orange-red and their posture tends to rounded.

  • Hooded Merganser

The most exoticism unique duck should be goes to Hooded Merganser. By their white and black colour brings them so mysterious. Male Merganser has tight black and white colour than the female. Topknot like hair in their head makes them more handsome moreover when breed period comes. Hooded Merganser can you found easily in pound and lake.

  • Pink-Eared Duck

They don’t really have an ear, fellas. Something called eared is just feathers that places on the back of their eyes. The pink-eared duck can often be seen with its bill submerged in shallow warm waters and it often feeds circling head-to-tail in pairs or groups. This type has longer beak than other kind before. Special thing again, their lower body has stripped colour like zebra.

  • Smew Duck

Smew duck has mostly white body colour with some black accent on some point. Their beak tends to sharp with grey colour. They have black eye and people also know this duck as ‘Panda Duck’ because of black spot on their eye.

  • Spectacled Eider

This is most different duck of eider type. If eider usually has long small neck, Spectacled Eider tends to more rounded. Green feather on their back of neck also as perfect sign that this duck is from strange eider. This duck usually found in cold lake. The breeding population in western Alaska declined by 96 percent from 1970 to 1993.

  • Scurf Scoter

This duck can also know as ‘skunk-headed coot’ because of their ‘stand-out’ face. Their colourful beak. Black, white, red, and orange are colouring their beak when their body is full of black. Their white and black eyes also increasing their exoticism.

  • White-faced Whistling Duck

As their name, this duck does can whistling. The sound it makes is much like a squeaker-toy whistle. As appearance, this duck is full of brown gradation colour. Their head combination with black and white where is their head is black and their face is white. Their beak is black.

  • Baikal Teal

Baikal teal has beautiful green accent colour on their back of head. Yellow-cream accent under their eye also increasing their charm. They have black beak and their posture is similar with other duck. Talk about colour, their body is full of dark brown and there is dark grey on their stomach. This duck also came from Asia. Though the species took a downturn in the late 20th century due to hunting and habitat loss, it seems to be rebounding, with an estimated 1 million individuals as of 2010.

Beautiful creature of God must be value as special thing. That a magic and blessing that gives by God. As long as their exist helpful and effect to human, there is no reason to hurt or even kills them. As we know, duck is really relatable for human life. They can raise for poultry and also as pet animal.

There is so much duck species of duck that might you didn’t know before. In this universe, there is race of an animal that has their own charming and different characteristic. Our duty is protected them. Don’t exploitation their type by bad habit. Even not all of them is protected animal, it is important for us to help their life by keeping environment well.