Burmese Cat Vs. Siames Cat; Which Is The Best Cat To Treat?

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As for today, what we are going to talk about is cat, lovely feline, cute little ball of fluff, and always entertaining to look at. Cats are considered as one of the most popular pets in the world, only contesting with dogs for the title of the best pets in the world. Cats are cute little ball of fluff that many people loves to pet, loves to own, and loves to look at. Cats are also considered as one of the oldest companion for human in history, dating back where human ancestors live in Fertile Crescent valley of Mesopotamia and Indus River. According to many historians, cat ancestors believed to be firstly domesticated in Mesopotamian as farmer’s companion. During agricultural revolution, where humans start to develop agriculture, there are new problems like pest control that human must contend with. Human then look up for wild cats family of Felidae, that lives in wild. However, pest in barn like rats invite wild cats to hunt for them. From there, human domesticate wild cats for pest controls. Cats help human with hunting pest that eating their crops and human provides food and shelter for cats. From then on, cats have always play an important role in human history. In ancient Egypt, cats are considered as holy animals and considered as one of the embodiment of gods. In ancient Greeks and Rome, they bought cats during the ship voyage to ensure good luck and safe travel. In modern days however, cats now becoming symbol of cuteness and lovely household pets.

As for today, we are going to talk about cats breed comparison. You might have already know about these cat breeds, a Burmese cats and Siamese cats. Today we are going to talk about Burmese Cat Vs. Siames Cat; Which Is The Best Cat To Treat?

Which are the best? Burmese cat or Siamese cat

If you are amateur cat lovers who want to dig in more information about cat breeds, then you are in luck, because today we are going to share you about some information regarding about easiest cat breeds to treat. Now, depending on how you look at it, Burmese cat and Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, and they also have their own qualities, each with differences and qualities that make them lovable. Now, we are going to compare between Burmese cat and Siamese cat, however keep it in mind that there are not the best cat breeds, as they are lovable and every cat is viable for you to treat.

  • Lovable and Active Burmese Cat

Burmese cat is a breed of cat domesticated from jungle originating in Thailand. Although its name is Burmese but this cat is actually originate from Thailand which makes some people confused about it. This cat is very popular for its lovable characters, beautiful shorthair fur, contrast copper colour, and also have known to have some dog-like qualities like love to hanging around people, can form social bond and even strong bonds with their owner, and even loyal to their owner. They are also devoted and intelligent cat that can performs various tricks. One thing that many people seek from this cat breed is that they are very curious creature and also playable too. They love to play around the people, poking everything with its paws, and love to hang around with their owners.

If you are beginner cat owners, then Burmese cat is great choice for you to have. It is fairly easy to treat Burmese cat, as it doesn’t require much care beside than foods and daily affection. Make sure to give them nutritious foods and much needed attention as this cat can be really affection hunger. You might need to play around with this cat a lot, but this is the fun part of having a cat. One plus additional points for Burmese cat is their fur coat. They have fine, very short and glossy fur, that are fairly easy to take care of and rather beautiful too. It is easier to treat shorthaired cat as it is fairly easy to manage their fur coat.

  • All time Popular Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is one of the most popular cat in Northern America and Europe since the 19th century. The Siamese cat originated from Thailand derived from the long line of Wichianmat landrace or native cat from Thailand and it is also distant cousin of Burmese Cat. Siamese cat most unique features are their blue with almond shaped eyed, triangular face shapes, fairly large ears, and most distinguish feature of Siamese cat is most of this cat have overall white coloured fur with black feet, ears and face.

Just as Burmese cat, this cat is very social, intelligent and also lovable. They are fairly popular for cat lovers and they are also making a high score for survey of the most favourite cat breeds. However, some beginners might find it hard to treat this cat, as it requires extra attention, care and treatment.

So, final verdict, Burmese Cat Vs. Siames Cat; Which Is The Best Cat To Treat? Both are good and both are one of the best choice for beginner to take care of, however Siamese cat might need some extra attention and care rather than Burmese cat.