2 Easy Ways to Care for Abandoned Duck Egg

There are some people that say to care for abandoned duck egg is not an easy thing. The fact is that after the duck mother delivers the egg, they will leave the egg and not lay their egg first. The breeder should have the initiative to care for abandoned duck egg. They have to take care the abandoned duck egg by themselves. If you want to care the abandoned duck egg by yourself, you can use the traditional or modern way to do it. Here are the easy ways to care for abandoned duck egg. How to Identify and Help an Abused Dog is a good reference for you to care for abandoned duck egg too.

1. How to hatch the duck egg with a traditional way.

The first way is a traditional way that the old breeder used to do. In a traditional live long time ago, there is no machine to hatch the egg. The breeder used these ways to hatch the duck egg.

How to Hatching Chicken Eggs Naturally

  • Prepare the materials first. The materials are the husk , wood shingle board, gunny sack or plastic sack, and a bamboo basket.
  • Next, you have to make a wooden box from a wood. You need to make it 12 mm thickness and the size is 100 cm x 100 cm.
  • Wrap the bamboo basket with the sacks available. After that, put the basket to the wooden box that you have made.
  • Put the husk that have been dried to the all sides of the sack.
  • The next step is to choose the eggs that is about to be hatched. Put the chosen eggs on the sacks that is available in the hatching box.
  • Prepare the hatching table, this table is made of wooden. The steps to make this table is pretty simple, which is to make a table pattern that is alike a bed, but make it a suitable size with a hatching box. A Guide for beginners to start broiler farming is a good reference for you.
  • This hatching table is only used on the 18th day until it is hatched on the 26th or 27th day.
  • Next, how to choose the egg that is potential to be hatched? The way is pretty easy. You only need to do it in a close room and depend on a 10 watt bulb. Take the egg to get observed under the bulb. The characteristics of the potential egg is the blood strokes around it. But for the non potential one, its condition is a bit pale under the bulb’s light. The egg that is not potential to be hatched will be sold for consumption.

2. How to hatch the egg with a hatching machine

Because of this day is a modern day, we can hatch the egg with a machine. There is a lot of breeder that use this way, and they can get a fast result and a good one. 5 Effective Tips for Beginners on Raising Broiler Chickens will help you to raise a duck from the beginning.

This hatching machine is available in many markets. The price is also not too expensive, starts from Rp 300 thousands until Rp. 3 million. The price is different, depend on the type, brand, and the machine capacity.
The success to hatch the egg is not leaving the quality of the duck’s mother. Here is the duck’s mother criteria that can produce the good egg.

  • The duck is around 4-5 month
  • Choose the type of Rambon duck, or well known as the local duck that is originally from Cirebon. This duck is flexible to be hatched. Besides of that, the Rambon duck is easy to be grazed and grounded.
    After you choose the duck’s mother, you need to select the good quality eggs that is potential to be hatched.

Here are some criteria of the potential duck.

  • The size of the egg is standard and not too small.
  • The egg color is not too white and not too blue. The white egg usually will be a small duck after hatched, while the blue one will be a flaw duck after hatched.
  • Choose the egg that is less than 4 days old, because if it is more than 4 days, the quality will get worse.
  • The egg shell is clean and not dirty or flaw.
  • The egg skin is soft and has a regular thickness.

After you choose the right egg, follow the steps below to hatch the egg in the machine.

  • Put some eggs that suit the capacity of the machine.
  • Set the temperature, with the 380 c heat for 1-24 days and the moisture is around 55-64%.
  • Check the egg at the day 4, 10, and 20.
  • After the 25th day, higher the moist until 75%.
  • For around 1-25 days, you can spray the egg with water. Do not forget to flip the eggs.
  • On the 25th day, do not flip the egg and higher the machine moisture so that the egg shell wont get cracked easily.

Caring for abandoned egg is exhausting work. They need a good care and good treatment, so that they can hatch and be a perfect and healthy duck. Contact an avian veterinarian prior to the time the eggs hatch for advice on specific food items to give the duck. Most lay people will be poorly equipped to provide care for duck hatchlings, however, so the most responsible strategy is to find a wildlife rehabilitator, veterinarian or avian expert to take the ducks prior to hatching.

Those are the easy ways to care for abandoned duck eggs. You can choose one of the easy ways above to hatch the duck egg. If you want to hatch not too much eggs, you can choose the traditional way. But, if you want to hatch many duck eggs, you can choose the machine to hatch the eggs. I hope this easy ways to care for abandoned duck egg will help you solve the hatching problem. Don’t miss out 4 Must Know Tips for Raising Orphaned Kittens, so that you can have more reference to care for the abandoned duck egg.