A Guide for beginners to start broiler farming


Business, starting your own business. Sometimes you got bored to work for someone else, thus making us lost our will to work and downgrading our work performance. You got bored to get a direct order for someone else. You got bored to get paid monthly. You want something for your own. You want to get money everyday. You want to be the boss.

If you want to be the boss and get paid everyday, then this is the time for you to leave your work and try to open your own business. Opening your own business would be a tricky thing to do as you need to make a few preparation for it and calculate many things for it. For example, let we ask you, what kind of business you want to do?. Have you look at the market potential?. Who will be your customers later?.

Well, let see, we recommend you to have a broiler farm. As it would be profitable but not only that it would be fun and not stressing if you dont mind the smell hehehehe. Why broilers though?. Now let see to the nearby street. How many chicken cuisine merchants are there?. Three? Five?. No, there are so many chicken cuisine merchants scattered all over the town even in your own neighborhood, we even lost the count!. Not only there are many merchants but also the customers demand chicken meat everyday. Let take example, fried chicken merchants. We observed that many of fried chicken merchants would run out of stock around 8 pm, this is the sign that customers demand fried chicken everyday thus the stock would be easily out of stock. Hence making fried chicken remarkably profitable. Also these merchant always refreshen their stock everyday which they got supplied from their suppliers. So what are you waiting for?.

However, once again starting a business is not a piece of cake. You need investment, patient, passion, and luck for it. So does with broiler farm business. You need to prepare many aspects in order to assure that your farm will become profitable and make your business so far away from bankrupt. So we will provide you with a Guide for Beginners to Start Broiler Farming.

We will take about a fundamental preparations, but before that make sure you know everything about broilers, by choosing broiler seeds and even how to raise them.

1. Investment

According to Profitable Venture, you may need a starting cash around $.5000 up to $.25.000 to start a standart poultry business in America. That means you need to have around 74 million rups up to 370 million rups to start this business with standart quality. Such a big money but really worth it.

How do you get the money though?. Once again we have told you that starting business would need many preparations and one of them is money. So before considering resigning from your job it is better to look at your bank account. Also you may get a loan from the bank but it would be difficult and even could be a pain in the ass so we don’t recommend it at all. However, you may still avoid loaning money by staying at your job, save the salary, resign, then start this business. Furthermore, you may also join venture with someone else starting your own business together, but remember make sure your business partner is someone you can trust and you are fully know about him/her. As join venture requires a high level of trust to avoid scam.

2. Choosing a Strategic Place

If you have the money then it is the time for you to start building your farm. We recommend you to build your farm far away from your own house for the sake of your and nearby neighbourhood health. Choose a place which does not too crowded with people but still have an easy access to the main road. Easy access would be one of your key step to sell your broilers. Imagine if you placed your farm in a isolated areas then you will find trouble in selling your broilers.

Also make sure you will able to found a dumpster to dump the broilers dropping to it. Make sure the dumpster would be so far away from your farm for at least 3 km to make sure your broilers could avoid disease and stay healthy.

However, if you want to get a cheap price to build your farm then we recommend you to build your farm in a suburban area as the soil price would be fairly cheap around there. But once again, build your farm in a place who has access to the main road.

3. Finding Your Customers

Finding customers would need a relations, try to ask your nearby family members and ask them if one of them need chicken’s meat supply or even your friend. If you don’t found any then it is the time for you to use door to door marketing to nearby chicken restaurant or you could even set your own booth at nearby market to sell your chicken.

4. Calculate Everything

The first reasons why you want to start a business is to get profit and profit. If it ain’t profitable why even bother it?. So, surely you want your farm to be profitable yes?. As you have spent all of your cash to it and expect it to returns the initial investment as soon as possible along with profit. This would not happen if you fail in your calculation thus making a defisit in your business. So watch and calculate carefully.

  • Calculate Your Broilers Food Rations

One broiler would requires 70 grams of food everyday that means it would consume around 2.1 kilograms a months. If you have at least 50 broilers then you will need 105kilograms of food per month.  You could easily buy 2 zak ( 50 kg) of food around 700k rups at nearby poultry store.  Also you could buy vitamins for them around 30k rups and it could feed up your flock of broilers. For water then it would be your monthly water bill around 60k rups. So that means you need at least 790k rups per month for just feeding your broilers. Not including change of beddings.

  • Calculate Electric Bills

Most of the experienced farmers would pay their electiral bills around 250k rups per month but it depends on how big the farm is. Considering your farm would be a standard small farm then we would assume that you will need to pay 250k rups per month.

Thus total sum so far 1.040.000 rups

  • Unexpected Event

We recommend you to save at least 200 k rups as an insurance for your broilers. If your broilers fall ill then you have the money to cure them or any unexpected event such as flooding. Also we recommend you to have insurance for your farm to cover up every cost that was caused by this unexpected event.

Thus total sum so far

1.240 k rups or even 1.540 k rups (With Insurance)

5. Selling the Broilers

Assuming that all of your broilers are ready to be slaughtered then you must put a price per broilers to gain profit. We would recommend you to give 20 % up to 30 % profit per broilers in order to make sure you stay competitive in the market. Example if you spend around 27 k rups per boilers since they were in incubation then you may need to sell them around 36k rups per broilers.

Also don’t forget the price always change so you must recalculate to gain the proper profit. If you got defisit then calculate again and again until you get a profit.

Good luck!.