How to Choose Which Chicken to Breed

This article is simply for you to read to help you determine how to choose which chicken to breed in your backyard. It is depend on what is your main goal having your stock of breeding. For some people building a farm is solely for running business. It is the way to earn money. Learn the chicken market opportunities to get a huge benefit from farming chicken are great deal if you love working at home. However for other people having a small community of chicken is purely for hobbies without any tendencies of taking profit of in term of money.

The two main reasons are good. But you need to look at your property and ability before everything goes on. For business reason, the farmer need to have at least a backyard in their house to provide a free range environment, nowadays this large house is limited in the urban and suburban area. For reason of channeling hobbies, the owner need to consider about the coop and run for the small group of chicken that still need a space to live healthy and happily.

This article will guide you on how to choose which chicken to breed according to several considerations.

Based on chicken appearance:

1. See the overall performance of the chicken

If you see any visible rudiment in the body you better not to pick this one. You know whether you are a pet lover, having this chicken will turn you into desperation. Moreover this chicken is handful. Both of you and the chicken will be unhappy. Assess the head, the neck, the comb, the wings, the fur, the legs, and pay attention to the mass of the body. Sometime chicken have a tumor as well as human. You do not want to have this kind of ailment stay in your flock or even worse spread the disease out right? So choose the healthy and as perfect as possible according to the first assessment. If this is health genetic problem, it is harder to heal or even impossible to recover. Before you choose the chicken you better ask the hatchery about the breed of the chicken you want to pick.

2. Find out any illness and injury in the body

Once you see there is no defection on the body, you might observe if the chicken is ill. Several signs and symptoms you need to observe before choose and bring the right chicken home :

  • Watery eyes and nose
  • Watery stools
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Sores and lesions at the skin surface
  • Not eating and drinking
  • Skin pale
  • Passive and not passionate to the food and opposite sex chicken
  • Feathers fall out and bald
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Limping legs
  • Inability to stand up right
  • Chicken stink unusually
  • Swelling on the body part

Based on the purpose of breeding:

1. For laying hens

If you have decided to get a huge amount fresh eggs so then find the hen with these criteria :

  • Laying a bigger eggs more than ordinary hen’s egg
  • Usually has brown soft shiny feather
  • Fatter than usual fully grown up hen
  • Active and cheerful
  • Good eating and drinking habit

2. For meat consumption :

  • The fur has develop heavy and healthy
  • No visible rudiment on the chicken body
  • Has good appetite
  • Proper body weight, not underweight or overweight either
  • No stool stain marked in her butt
  • No other sores and lesions on the skin

3. For hobbies and pet lovers

Animal lovers do not mind to anything of caring the pet. Regardless of any condition he or she will care the animals with a lot of love. So I do not worry much about it. Whether he has a cute adorable healthy chicken or just an ordinary chicken or even worse a disable and sick chicken, he or she will care and love them as much as he or she can do. No requirement for this issue.

Breeding chicken can be just as simple as it is. However how to choose which chicken to breed can produce a problem for the beginner. Much information came from the market place telling you how profitable it is obtaining a chicken farmer. Every day people are demanding to the eggs as well as to the chicken meat. It is healthy consumption for human. Producing good quality of eggs begin with choosing the right hen. Considering the right hen is crucial because if you choose the hen that is not born with “motherhood type” will cause you a problem. You are expecting a bunch of eggs but you girl is too lazy to be productive in laying eggs.

On the other hand, if you are considering selling a chicken meat, you should pay attention of the quality of the chicken. Is it a healthy one or not. The meat should be on standard entry in your area. There is research on how to determine the chicken meat meet the basic requirement for human consumption in every country.

Finally whatever your personal ideas for breeding, I would recommend you the healthy is on the top priority of it. While breeding will cause you a challenge that it is impossible that on the middle of the way you will not having difficulty, prepare to anticipate the out coming problem before you get a go for this journey. Additionally check the regulation and policy in your region just in case something you need to know before running this business. Find out in your area the hatchery, the chicken feeding shop, the veterinarian and other farm chicken colleagues.  Some information will be much helped if you recognize and prepare any step before hand. Telling the neighbor is important too. If they do not mind, it is a good sign for you. Later on when your chicken breeding is already established; give them a present with the fresh eggs or chicken meat sometimes. This will cause in peace both of you and the environment. You will get what you give. It is worth for your healthy and happy breeding. Furthermore you just focusing to on how growing your farmer bigger.