How to Care For a Female Dog in Heat

Did you know that female dog can also in heat? Well not only male dog, female dog is also has heat. It is clearly normal when your female dog is in heat. Here will explain to you how to care for a female dog in heat.

Before we talk about how to care a female dog in heat, we better know the lust cycle or heat period for female dog. Heat is usually calls as estrus period. This cycle will be happen if your female dog is 6 – 24 months old, or depend of its race. The small race dog is estrus on 5 months, faster than usual. But big race dog is slower usually will estrus on one year old. Even some races of dog  don’t feel its first estrus till 18-24 months old. Depend of estrus-count, dog will on their estrus period twice per year. One of heat period happened for 6-7 months.

Here are some steps of heat dog

1. Proestrus

  • The uterus is ready for pregnancy.
  • Male dog will interest over their female, but the female will deny him.
  • Started when vaginal bleeding and will be ended on estrus period (female dog allowed the male for marry her).
  • Will be happened for 6-11 days, usually 9 days.
  • Female dog is menstruation and deny for marriage, the vulva begins to swell.
  • Proestrus will be hard to detecting when your dog is cleaning herself commonly or it has long hair.
  • The menstruation will be stopped when it goes into last day. The bleeding will be absolutely stop or just clear gel.

2. Estrus

  • Both of ovary and uterus are ready to pregnancy.
  • Estrus will happen for 5-9 days or more, it depends of the race dog.
  • The female dog will allowed the male dog to marriage her, the vulva is getting swell and red, and make out the yellowish mucus.

3. Diestrus

  • It will happen for 56-58 days when the female dog is pregnant and 60-100 days when the female dog isn’t pregnant.
  • The female dog will deny to marriage and the vulva turn back like the position before.

4. Anestrus

  • This is rest period, your female dog will not estrus.
  • It will take for 1-3 months.

What will we do to care for female dog in heat?

When your female dog is in proestrus period, she will plays with male dog commonly. She will give a sign for male dog when she is ready for marriage. The sign is smelled from 1 kilometer which means that female dog is ready to marriage. The female dog which is in her first estrus period will not to marriage to make her absolutely ready for pregnancy. Here are some ways to care her:

  • Clean up your dog

You better bathing your dog to avoiding the bacteria before married her. The fastest way to clean it is injecting parasites which can clean external parasites like flea, and also internal parasites like scabies. You better give her immune injection during estrus period. That’s because your female dog will meet other male dog which increase disease transmission. During this whole period, you have to keep cleaning of yours and built up of her healthy immune. Female dog is susceptible of disease, moreover when she is on married and pregnant periods.

  • Give them anthelmintic

It is important to give your female dog anthelmintic to safe your dog from worm so the absorbing of food nutrition and marriage process will effective.

  • Started to looking male dog for your female dog

Well as you looking for your boyfriend, you have to still selective choosing over male dog. Basically you don’t want to get bad male dog right? Beside choosing a dog which in heat too, you have to make sure that the male dog is in good health condition especially he has to free of skin disease like scabies and flea. And also give him vitamin E to increase his sperm.

  • Give them a cage which suitable for a couple of your dogs

When you want to marriage your dog, you have to remind that you adding one dog in your house. It will make little difference and you would change your setting home because there is one new housemate. You have to treat him as well as your own dog even it isn’t. Please be fair for him and loving him a lot. The one of your way to treat him is like provide a bigger cage for them. Choose the cage which is suitable for two dogs. You are also adding more of dog’s food on your house.

  • Let your female dog and the male dog getting know each other

When people met each other for the first time, both of them are getting to know each other. Firstly, they will observe their opposite. It will make both of them like passive action, but don’t mind it. It actually process for introduce them self. Even both of dogs are in heat, but it is hard especially when your dog is the race which usually as pet. The pet dog is usually shy and submissive. They are usually depended with their mom. So when it entrusted to other people who is not their mom, they are will do passively. Try to don’t force both of female and male dogs. Marriage is triggered and increasing stress, including on your dog. Please be patient during this process.

  • Give privacy to them

You can place your dog cage in garage or in corridor home which is not away by your family. Like human, dog is also feels shy when they want to marriage but looked by someone. Not all of dogs are did it but you better take preventive action. To save your dog from disturbing feeling, better place the cage like mentioned before.

  • Be patient people

We are usually impatient when face the animal, including our pet. Well face the animal isn’t hard and isn’t easy too. But we can learn to understand them. Even people and animal is difference, we as people which has great thinking we have to feeling their feels. Every animal are has their own regulation and its regulation isn’t knew by people. In this case, we have to remind that heat-marriage-pregnancy is process to born new individual. During the process, keep in mind that it takes a time. It can’t do instantly and quickly. If you love your dog, please treat them well including the male too.

Not only male dog, female dog is also has her own way to regulate when she is in heat. One thing that we always have to know that, the heat period is normal. When your female dog acts like unusual, just let her go and just keep your eye on her. Every life creatures are has passion to breed. When we intend to pet a female dog, we have to ready with the risk of our pet. Know their heat period, know their pregnancy, knew their sign of breeding, that’s all important for us. Same as you, your pet is also want to better treating. It takes our energy and time, of course. When we do it sincerely, it will not as hard as we imagine. That’s all explaining about how to care for a female dog in heat. Hopefully helps you a lot.