Are The Habits Of Pigeons Mating Life? You Will Be Surprised

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When we are talking about animals, you might want to talk about cute ones like cats, dogs or hamster or at least cool ones like snake or lizard. When we are talking about animals that are cool and good for petting or becoming house pets, maybe not many people will consider pigeons as pet. They are even hated by many people, because of their constant pooping by wild pigeons, and annoying too. Some people in big cities that have a lot of pigeons population in that city consider pigeons as winged rats, as they breed very fast, inhabit wide areas, their population is very high, and they are also annoying because of their dirty pigeon poop.

Although some of you might think that pigeons are just rats with wings, however there are many things we could learn from pigeons. There are many features of pigeons that will blow your mind, and therefore you can study one of few things from pigeons. Don’t underestimate pigeons just because they are small, relatively defenceless and not very charming to look at. If you are not so sure about why pigeons are so special? Then here are interesting features of pigeons. What makes them special? What Are The Habits Of Pigeons Mating Life? You Will Be Surprised to hear about it.

Why pigeons mating habit is special? What makes them different from any other birds?

  • General Information of Pigeons to Get You Started

First of all, let us show you on the description about pigeons and their general information. Pigeons are birds that come from family of Columbidae Pigeons or doves are small birds, with stubby rotund body, short neck, small feet and generally round body. Some pigeons also have slender neck instead of general short neck. Pigeons are omnivore birds, which mean they could eat either plants or animals. Pigeons generally eat seeds like cracked corn, wheat, rye, barley, or veggies, fruits and smaller insect like crickets. The main diet of pigeon is mostly seeds like corn or wheat.

One fact you should know is that many people tend to give pigeons with breadcrumbs. Many people love pigeon feeding in Local Park and enjoy being surrounded by pigeons. However, for the health of pigeons, it is better for you to give pigeons some seeds like corn or wheat instead of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs only contain some fats and calorie which is not necessarily needed for pigeon’s diets. It is better to give pigeons some seeds like corns instead of breadcrumbs.

  • Pigeons have unique traits and characteristics

Pigeons also have unique traits, that makes them pretty unique compared to other birds. Pigeons are smart fliers and very good navigators. They can remember their flight route and patterns very well, and they can come and go to certain points without trouble at all. They can be trained to remember certain points and then when they are flying, they will stop in that point. This make human enable to use pigeons as courier and massager. Pigeon’s communication is used by human since ancient times as postal service and even war time communication.

  • Unique Pigeons Mating Habits 

One things that is fairly unique from pigeon is their mating habits. Pigeons are considered to be monogamous birds, which mean that they will only have one mates for their entire life. Many other birds and animals are polygamous which means they will breed and mate with any other partner, and they can have several partner in their entire life. Pigeons however, are monogamous birds as they will only find and then mate with one partner only. Male pigeons will search for possible female mate. By enticing female candidates, male pigeons will do a hard work to search for his female mate. Once they found each other, male and female mates then will build a nest for their eggs. Female will laid an eggs and male will constantly searching for foods. Female pigeons took care of their younglings until the young pigeon is big enough to fly on themselves.

  • Grieving Pigeons

There is also other unique fact relating to how pigeons will mate. In animal kingdoms, normally when female one is dead, her male partner will then lookout for another possible partner. Even when female animal is still alive, some animal even will still looking for potential breeding partner, but not pigeons. Pigeons are loyal creature that will only mate with one partner and even when they lost their partner, pigeons even show up a sign of grieve and sorrow. This unique pigeons mating habits are observed to be seen occasionally in Avian kingdom, but the family of Columbidae are famous for its monogamous mating habits.

So, did you learn something today in our What Are The Habits Of Pigeons Mating Life? You Will Be Surprised article? There is always some story and interesting fact that can be learned from even tiniest creature. So, next time you see pigeons, don’t just thinking that they are annoying little creature or even name them winged rats. They are animals with their own unique features and capabilities that not every creature will get. Gods created us with each of its characteristics and features, and pigeons are given a gift of flight, as well as unique mating habits that not every animal have.