5 Things to Know about Siberian Husky Before you Decide to Own It.

Have you ever fall in love with a medium sized working dog that have appearance almost like a wolf, with pair of limpid eyes and saucy grin and a true beauty that has capture the attention of many people?

Moreover you heard from plenty of husky owner that Siberian husky can be a very loyal dog for you if they receive a proper training and love. If you decide to be a Siberian husky’s owner, here are 5 things to know about Siberian husky before you decide to own it:

1. Siberian Husky Love Attention.

Siberian husky are very affectionate dogs, they could be friendly with people, other dog even children. They are social animals who need people or other animal around them in other to not get lonely, and get some attention. Siberian husky are a very demanding breed, they require a lot attention, they could bark and nip and do a lot of disturbing things in order to get your attention. The more time you spend with your Siberian husky, the more happy they will, if you give them a lot of your attention since they were a puppy it will help them grow to be a happy and adjusted adult dog.

One thing to know about your Siberian husky is they are breed with very high energy. Leaving your Siberian husky alone for a long period of time will stress them out that lead into anxiety disorder. Having an anxiety disorder could cause them to bark all day, they need for attention is also reason for barking husky. As mention before, Siberian husky is a social dog, having another dog to keep your husky occupied could bring some enjoyment to your husky. If you plan to leave them alone for more than 8 hours straight, you should hire a sitter, therefore they wouldn’t be lonely and did not plan to trash your place because of their lack of attention.

2. Siberian Husky tend to Exercise every day.

It is well known that Siberian husky are very active breed with a lot of energy, so they love to run, and need a lot of exercise every single day. Some experts said the minimum hours to take Siberian husky for some exercise is 30 minutes. If you decide to own a Siberian husky, one thing you need to be willing to provide is high level and consistent activity to keep them happy, happy dog equal healthy dog. Regular jogging, walking even playing tag are all great daily activities. It is important to know physical requirements is not the only factor for a great exercise but you also need to prepare their mental requirements. Another thing you need to know about Siberian husky is they are extremely intelligent dogs and love to be challenged, stimulating their minds can be difficult sometimes but once you already follow the drill it will make both of you and your dog happy. Dogs are happiest when they get to engage in activates, and Siberian husky is no exception.

Having a Siberian husky mean you should prepare time to exercise them, its important part for  them to ‘waste’ their energy in order to keep them happy. If your Siberian husky lack of exercise, they will start to throw ‘tantrum’ and worst they destroy your things. Siberian husky are born to take a really long run, and when Siberian husky can’t release all that pent up energy, they will resort to other ways of releasing it, and that usually doesn’t end up being good thing for  the owner. Read also Method to Raise and Tame your Siberian Husky’s Puppy

3. Siberian Husky could life in every climates.

Most people naturally associate huskies with the cold but Siberian husky can work and live in temperatures as low as 75 degrees below zero F. They also could do just fine in warmer climates a s long as they have a great shelter, adequate shade, food and water. Although Siberian husky born with a few layer of fur as their coats, they are born to withstand extreme climate, they could survive in either hot and cold temperatures.

Siberian husky has thick coat that will help them withstand any cold temperatures, the lowest temperatures are 75 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Their beautiful and thick coat is the ultimate winter coat, but wearing a winter coat year round makes him vulnerable to overheating if he is not used to warm weather. Despite their originality that came from cold regions, they also highly adaptable to any warmer climate.

4. Siberian Husky is Clean Dog.

Some people said that Siberian husky is a dog that clean like a cat. Out of all dog breed, Siberian husky are the cleanest breed of them all. It means that, caring for your Siberian husky will come fairly easy. Beside some grooming and brushing, Siberian husky could last with one bath a year if they did not do any activities that include some mud puddle or any other dirt outdoor activities, they basically will bath themselves. Siberian husky also considered as a breed that have no dog smell, so that is one good point for dog owner who can’t stand dog smell at their place. They also clean eaters, they rarely make a mess when they feed and when you train them well, they also not going to take their food outside their feeding area.

5. Siberian Husky Need a lot of Space

Siberian husky are a very curious dog, it is important that you have a well-built fence are built around your place. Siberian husky have strong muscular hind legs and can jump to extraordinary heights from a sitting position. Having a Siberian husky at your home mean you should prepare a fence that at least have 6 inches height, in order to prevent your Siberian husky to jump away, fences with no horizontal rails are the most recommended. Digging is a favourite things to do for huskies so is other type of dogs.

Siberian husky are friendly and loyal dogs, they tend to be hard for train or have too much energy. But despite all the bad and good, these are the 5 things to know about Siberian husky, so you should know what to expect before bringing one to your home. A little bit of advice, if you plan to adopt a Siberian husky puppy, make sure you give them vaccine shot as soon as you get them. It’s important for you to ask the previous shelter/owner if the dog already vaccine shot or not, it will affect their health in the future.