Reasons Why Your Dog Refuses Your Command


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Indeed, dog is the best animal companion has been proven many times, remember Hachiko? How loyal she is? Waiting her own friend in the station until he come back and one day her friend never come to the station because he’s dead. Hachiko, still waiting and waiting, she never knows that her friend who adopted her from the street into land of joy has gone. You know how long she waited in that station? 10 years, 10 years of waiting a person who’s already dead. She believed that her friend will be back some day, but you know it will never happen (Watch the movie it would make any dog lovers cry, we called it, no cry challenge). No wonder people say that dogs are better than cats, we never heard cat loyalty such as Hachiko right? Dogs has proven their loyalty since the dawn of time, remember that 3 folks who were hiding in a cave because of a tyrant? Yup, a dog was guarding them for a hundred years. Yup be grateful if you have a dog.

Well, Hachiko has proven her loyalty, she’s indeed 100 percent loyal because that man adopted her from the cold street and gave her the beautiful life she never had on the street. That experience will indeed differ her from any other dog. You know, you might be wondering why your dog does not have enough loyalty like hachiko did. We’ll tell you, from that story, if you ever adopted a dog from a street or raising them alone without their mom, your dog will indeed loyal since the beginning of their time. However, if you have a dog, especially a puppy, who has been spoiled by their mom and you; thus, one day she starts ignoring you and disobey your command; it is indeed normal. Yup, folks always said that children are cute, but teenager are annoying, same goes with dog. If your dog has reached 9 month of age, then be prepared as she will starts ignoring you and disobey your command.

Don’t worry though, we are here always; to help you solve the disobey teenager dog. However, remember don’t get mad if your dog still ignoring you and disobey your command as solving this situation is not a piece of cake; you need time, passion, patient, and even it would dig some of your financial source. So, take your time and be ready, as animallova would like to give you Reasons Why Dog Refuses Your Command and how to solve it. Check it out!

1. The Dawn of Disobedient

The beginning of your dog starts to disobey you is indeed when they reached certain age; usually 9 months of age. When this happens, your dog will start ignoring you, running off from you, disobey your command, and would prefer to play with her brothers and sisters even they prefer to play alone. However, once again we would like to emphasize that this situation is completely normal, there are nothing wrong with it.

2. She’ll Try to Overcome You

A puppy who reached puberty will starts having this big growing body. Then, she’ll start thinking that her body has become strong enough to overcome anything. Yup, just like a kid who reached puberty and start doing nonsense; she’ll starts to become more aggressive to you, with her recently big growing body she will starts to overcome you. She just simply wants to show you that she’s strong enough to overcome a person with your size. Silly, puppy you are hundred years too early to fight your own master.

3. Puppy Starts Ignoring You

You know, we could train our puppy to understand a few simple commands; for example, we order them to sit or we call them to come by their name. However, when she reached puberty, she’ll starts to disobey those commands. Yup, she understands those commands but one day she starts to ignore them; just like teenager who is starting to become disobedient, is it not?

4. Helping Puppy to Obey You Again

In order to help your puppy to disobey once again, she needs to retake the training again. Yup, you must able to re-train her again everyday and regularly. You could train your puppy 5 minutes before you go to work or school. Just remember, training a teenager would not be easy, same goes with puppy who reached puberty; you need to be patient and try to persuade her to obey you and starts noticing you.

To persuade a teenager puppy, you need a leverage. A reward system might work to help them learns faster and even more excited as you will give them reward; children and teenager love reward are they not? Go to a nearby pet store and ask the clerk about a reward food for dogs. Then, try to train your puppy again, let her know if she received an order from you, she’ll obey it and get a reward, a yummy crunchy reward.

Do the reward-training system regularly at least 5 minutes a day to get immediate result. However, don’t put too much pressure on her. If she starts ignoring you again or even starts to get mad at you, pat her as soon as possible in order to show your affection towards her.

5. Need Time

If she still become a disobedient puppy, don’t get mad; just let the puberty reach it peak. The puberty phase will pass eventually. You just need to keep train her and let her know that you love her very much. Once, she already starts to feel how much you love her, she will indeed become a puppy who will always be loyal to you, and one day she will become a dog like hachiko. Just let the time do the work and remember never give up, good luck!

*Bark away