6 Foods That Could Harm Your Angora Rabbit

Beside another kind of rabbit which usually keep at home, the Angora rabbit is one of the most favorite. There is so much kind of Angora rabbit which usually pet at home such British Angora which has grey hair and long ears are a little down, French Angora which has white long hair like snow, and giant angora which really giant and looks like lamb, Germany Angora which has grey and black mixture hair, and Satin Angora which has smoothie hair.

Actually there is no different to treat Angora rabbit with another rabbit. You just need extra treatment to keep their hair tight. To keep their healthy hair, you must avoid some foods below:

  • Broccoli

Even broccoli is recommended food which has high nutrition for rabbit, but their hard texture will harm their digestion system. You can boil it first before give it to your rabbit but are they will still in high appetite when it wasn’t fresh anymore? Besides, boil the broccoli will decrease the nutrition if you are not careful with the way. That’s why broccoli is risky food that could harm for Angora rabbit.

  • Corn

Corn is also as risky as broccoli. You can give them ripe corn because the texture blockage the digestion system. Moreover if you give sweetness corn, you have to extra watch it because the glucose inside sweetness corn will make dental caries.

  • Spinach

Spinach also kind of food which hard to process by Angora rabbit because it has hard fiber and width leaves. It doesn’t mean your rabbit is not strong like Popeye, but your Angora rabbit is not a Popeye.

  • Unpeeled nuts

The nut’s skin will involve on rabbit’s throat and it surely blockage the digestion system. Also, the skin which settles in their stomach will make them constipate. So if you want to give your angora rabbit by nut, make sure you already peeled the skin. Actually nut is good for rabbit but just leave the skin.

  • Cabbage

Cabbage contained hard fiber which really hard to be process inside of the Angora rabbit. Besides, cabbage has no much water inside it and it makes it become harder to be process.

  • Cauliflower

Cauliflower also has hard texture like broccoli. You can’t boil it first before give it to your Angora rabbit because it would decrease the nutrition. But it doesn’t mean you can give it unboil because the hard texture is unreduced, and rabbit mostly isn’t like the taste too. So cauliflower as risky as broccoli.

That’s all the food that really harm for your rabbit. You better avoid it if you don’t want that your Angora rabbit has some problems. It isn’t mind to underestimate the natural food but the pellets is harmful too if it’s toxic.

Surely, those foods above can still ate by rabbit but mix it with lower dose for sure. It still contained some minerals and nutrition which really needed by your rabbit. You may still can give it to your adult Angora rabbit but it is surely unrecommended for the baby. You must remember to don’t give it every day and keep play the management food. Give one kind food for a long way is same with put a poison inside them. Really harm.