6 Recommended Food for Angora Rabbit to Stay Healthy

Angora rabbit is one of all kind of ornament rabbit which usually keep at home. Their long and fluffy hairs and cutie face are their killing part to steal attention of rabbit lovers. Their color also put them into the highest level of the most looking for ornament rabbit to keep at home.

Honestly the treatment of Angora rabbit is not pretty far from another rabbit. But the thing that you have to keep watch is how their food is good for their hair. As we know that Angora rabbit is liked by their beautiful long hair. Choose the wrong food will impact their hair such like hair-fall and bald.

So what’s the food which good for Angora rabbit to keep them stay healthy? Here is they are:

  • Green vegetable and fresh grass.

The green vegetable which ate by rabbit usually are green cabbage, cabbage, white cabbage, lettuce, and banana leaves and for the grass is usually the grass which growth wildly. All those can be ate by rabbit, by the way. The one that you have to remind that you need to dry the grass first before you give it to the rabbit. Grass usually contained a lot of water and the watery food can cause bloated and diarrhea over the rabbit. That’s why you need to dry it out. You need to dry it until withered. Don’t safe the grass inside the cage because the water that contained inside grass will make the cage moist. That moist will make the fungal and bacteria living and infect your angora rabbit. The long hair Angora rabbit may don’t feel that the fungal and bacteria is already infected them. Suddenly it would become small wound and already worst. You don’t want it is really happen, right?

  • Dry grass.

The dry grass is made by preserved grass which gets inside of plastic bag or cardboard. This dry grass is good for rabbit growth. You can find it on seller but unfortunately this is pricey. So don’t be too shocked.

  • Tubers.

The tubers which usually ate by rabbit are carrot, cassava, and sweet potato but you already know what’s the most favorite, right? Yes it is carrot. Rabbit is so relatable with carrot. We don’t need to worry about tuber’s mineral because it is naturally advantage to fulfill your rabbit daily nutrition. Even the nutrition which contained if tubers are good, you better don’t giving carrot every day for your angora rabbit.

  • Seeds.

Angora rabbit also like seeds. The seeds which usually ate by rabbit are corn, groundnuts, wheat, and sunflowers seed. If you want to give corn to your rabbit, make sure that the corn is unripe to make them easy when bite it. Don’t give the ripe corn because the texture is dry and make it blockage their digestion system. You better don’t give the sweet corn every day because the glucose inside the corn will make troubles such dental caries.

  • Concentrate.

Concentrate also recommended for your angora rabbit. Usually for livestock business, concentrate giving for dinner dish which give in 4 or 5 P.M. The good concentrate for your rabbit is like voer kind. It is available as various brands but you can make it by yourself. The ingredients that you need to make this concentrate are vegetables, corn, chaff, and salted fish pieces.

  • Chaff.

Giving chaff for your angora rabbit also recommended and fortunately this kind food is compatible with all kind of rabbit. So if you are rabbit farmer who have many kind of rabbits to raised, use chaff as their food will pressed the budget, isn’t it?

All written above is food recommended for 2 months old and adult Angora rabbit. Beside, don’t give your Angora rabbit with calcium food. That will harm their hair and digestion system. Beside the food, you need to watch over their water supply. Water will help them to process their food. Place the water bottle and always make sure that the water is clean. And still, if we talk about food we need to keep the key. The key is keep rolling the kind food, do small research to know their response, and don’t forget to always mix it all.