19 Best Food to Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

Keeping health of pet animal is our duty as pet owner. We should give them right and balance nutrition to support their development. Why the right food is not enough? Because the right food if you give it too much over your pet, you will lost the benefit that contained inside it. The benefit that should give advantages for your pet will be transform become illness. It is so useless, right? So that’s why the key of your healthy pet is the balancing, not the right one or the expensive one.

Especially if we talk about rabbit, there is some food that you must be selective before you give it to them because not every right good is right for them. Actually pet a rabbit needs food management. We couldn’t say that it is hard but all you need is manage it.

As we know that rabbit is herbivore. They are so identic with vegetable or another green grass. Here are some best foods for them which help you to keep their health. All written below are totally natural foods which you easy to find and the price of course cheap.


1. Carrot

As we can see that rabbit is really love carrot. This orange fruit is famous about their good contained nutrition like Vitamin A which really good for our eyes. Even it contained some good nutrition, you must be careful about their glucose. Over glucose will harm for your rabbit. Some disease like dental caries will attack your rabbit. So the key is control. You better give it once per day for your rabbit and make sure that the carrot is still new and fresh.

2. Grass

Well there are not specific criteria about which one good grass for your rabbit such like elephant grass, dry grass or grass that sell in pet shop. Even grass can be their good food, just make sure that the grass is free from hard fiber or thorn which can hurt the rabbit. Also, make sure that the grass is dry and not contained any water inside it. Water can cause bloated over your rabbit so just make sure that the grass is safe for consume.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is one of health food that can consume by rabbit. Just cut it into pieces before you give it to your rabbit and make sure that the cabbage is fresh, dry, clean, and free from maggots. Another benefit that you give cabbage for your rabbit is you can make it into twice. Buy one cabbage and you can use it for day and night meals. So practical, right?

4. Mustard

You can use both of green and white mustard, rabbit loves them either. Once again just make sure that the mustard is dry, clean, and fresh. Cut it before you give to rabbit. It will make them easier to eat it.

5. Broccoli

Next is broccoli. This green vegetable which usually used as salad also loved by rabbit. Even their price is little bit pricey, give broccoli for your rabbit as present may can increase their happiness. That’s enough to express how you love them so much.

6. Spinach

Easy, calm. Your rabbit will not change become Popeye by eating spinach. In the fact, this plant is so good for your rabbit. You can give it one per week and mixed it with another vegetable.

7. Tomato

Did you really expect that rabbit love tomato? Well nobody expect it i guess. This fruit is really high nutrition that good for rabbit. Some nutrition like vitamin and antioxidant really good for rabbit health and growth. You may have to be careful when you give it to them because of the taste. Not every rabbit love it. You better give it one per day in a day or night.

8. Carrot leaves

Not only the fruit, the leaves also good for rabbit. Usually the leaves are cut off because the farmer only sold the fruit and didn’t need the leave. You can buy it directly on the garden. Pst… If you are lucky, you will get it free and you can get it as much as you want. So good luck!

9. Radish leaves

Even the fruit taste is bitter, rabbit loves the leaves. The leaves of radish are so good for rabbit. It will help to build the antibody which is good to rabbit for against the disease. If you want your rabbit stay healthy, not easily attack by disease like virus or bacteria, radish leaves is really recommended.

10. Pumpkin yellow

Well it is not Halloween. The pumpkin yellow is really good taste and did you know that this fruit can be your rabbit’s alternative food? Their soft texture is rabbit friendly both baby and adult rabbit. For you who had baby rabbit in your home, this is a right choice.

11. Apple

Same as pumpkin yellow, apple also can be rabbit alternative food. You can use for red or fuji apple for them. Cut it into pieces before you give it to rabbit.

12. Mango

Next alternative food is mango. Their smooth texture also rabbit friendly. Once again you must be careful because their glucose contained.

13. Pear

The water that contained on pear also gives the advantage for rabbit. It can be avoid the rabbit from dehydrated. As we know that lack of water that happen to our body is really bad, right?

14. Papaya

For you who has low budget to take care a rabbit, using papaya as their additional food will more safe your money. Beside the price is cheap, rabbit also loves this fruit. So practical, isn’t it?

15. Banana

Actually all kind of banana is good for rabbit. Just make sure the banana is ripe so you can got smooth texture which really friendly for rabbit.

16. Melon

Both yellow and green melon is good for rabbit food. Don’t forget to cut it first or chop it before give it to them.

17. Celery

This smell vegetable also loved by rabbit. Make sure that you give only the leaves and throw the stems. The stems usually taste bitter so the rabbit didn’t like it. After that cut it into pieces and give it to your rabbit.

18. Caisim

Caisim is vegetable which popularly used as Chinese food cuisine. It is leaves which really width like cassava leave but the texture is like spinach. Because the size is width, make sure that the caisim is dry before you give it to rabbit. Also, don’t forget to cut it off before give it to them.

19. Watercress

The next alternative rabbit food is watercress. It is look like spinach with perfectly with stem. You can give it both green and yellow for your rabbit but please be careful when you give it to your rabbit. The food that contained much of water is risky for them. Your rabbit can be bloated because of the water that inside of this food. Just minimalize the number if you try to feed it over your rabbit.