Golden Hamster Vs. Black Hamster, Which is Hard To Care of?

Hamster is one of the most favorite pet to have. According to research, there are more than thousands of pet lovers who prefer hamster than any other kind of pets. Hamster is a very cute pet to have, easy to take care of, and they eat in quite small portions. However, hamster also had their own disadvantages like smelly urine and poop and their cage is easily dirty. Still, the hamster is really cute pets to have, and it always feels good to pet adorable little ball of fluff every time.

Before you are deciding on getting a hamster, you should know that there are many kinds of hamster from Dwarf hamster, Chinese hamster, Roborovski hamster, Syrian hamster or Golden hamster and a Black hamster. One one of the most hamster that has been the most favorite by many hamster lovers is golden hamster and a black hamster. Both of them have their own uniqueness and cuteness.

So, what is the best hamster to get too? Which is better the Golden hamster or Black hamster? Now, in our article, we will be discussing the comparison between Golden Hamster or Syrian Hamster and Black Hamster. Golden Hamster Vs. Black Hamster, Which is Hard To Care of? And why is that? Which hamster is the best for amateur hamster owner?

Comparison between Golden Hamster vs Black Hamster

The characteristics of the golden hamster

First of all, you need to know the difference between a golden hamster, and a black hamster. Golden hamster or Syrian hamster is popular kinds of hamster that many people choose as its hamster of choice and they are also recommended for many amateur hamster pet owner. What makes them called as the golden hamster is their fur. It is golden with variations of white fur is really cute to look for. Adult Syrian hamster could easily become a joy for your home.

An adult golden hamster could grow into at least 5-7 inches in length, with the weight of 120 until 125 grams. Golden hamster has a stocky body, with little wiggly tail that is barely underneath its fur. Their feet are small with stocky legs, and they have wide ears covered in fur. Golden hamster also had large eyes with petal shaped ears. The most notable characteristics of golden hamster are of course its golden fur. This golden fur is really what makes Syrian hamster is sought after, and really become favorite kinds of hamster to buy. They also have cute little cheek pouches where they will store their foods like grains and seeds in their mouth to chew or eat it for later.

Golden hamster also tends to be easier hamster to take care of. Golden hamster like any other hamster could be sociably creature, naturally docile creature that anybody could have an easy time to pet and tame to if you provide a good place for them and provides good company for them. If you keep a small population of a hamster in your habitat, provides anything for your hamster, then Golden hamster could really be an easy pet for you to try. The most adorable thing about Golden hamster is looking at them while they are chewing on foods with their cute cheek pouch and then pet them with your hands.

The characteristics of black hamster

As for black hamster, they have mainly black in color, with a combination of splash white. They are generally easy to tame and easy to a pet for. They also have similar characteristics to any other hamster like Golden hamster or Dwarf hamster. They have similar cheek pouch, have small little feet with they use back legs for walking, climbing and running while the hind legs sometimes used for eating foods. Similar body shape and size, rotund body size, with a stocky body, the size around 5-8 inches for adult hamster, and then weight for about 120 grams. There is nothing much of differences in the body about a Black hamster with any other hamster.

Black hamster tends to have high competition spirit, where they can get competitive if you left them with a bunch of other hamsters with the same genders. If you left your cage with more than 2 male hamsters, they could compete with each other for foods, nesting and also mate. At first, it is fine to let them compete, but it can get worse, as they can claw at each other, biting at each other resulting in injury for your hamsters. Black hamster tends to have a more competitive spirit rather than any other type of hamster.

Still, this hamster is still a very good choice for your pet. If you treat them right and don’t keep them densely populated with the same gender, so there won’t be any competition, the Black hamster could still be pretty easy for you to take care of.

The comparison between Golden hamster vs Black hamster

If we compare them side by side, they are a very similar hamster, with the only different color tone, The golden one or the black one. They have a similar treatment like any other hamster, similar body shapes and size, and also similar characteristics like eyes, nose, and legs. What makes them different, however, is their habits.

To answer the question on Golden Hamster Vs. Black Hamster, Which is Hard To Care of? Golden hamster tends to be easier to tame, quite docile creature, and very recommended for a beginner hamster owner. As for Black hamster, it requires an extra procedure and care so it is not really recommended for the first hamster as a beginner hamster owner.

Well, there you have it, the answer to your question on what should you choose, Golden hamster or Black hamster. If you found any other question related to animal husbandry, how to take care of pets, and many other pets related question, don’t hesitate to ask us through our comment sections. We are always looking to help every pet owner want to be the best for their beloved pets, be its dog owner, cat owner, hamster owner, and many other exotic pets.