Doe Hamster Get Breeding Disorders?

Hamster is one of the small mammals that are quite popular choice of pets for many people all around the world. Hamster, alongside with its other cousin such as chinchilla, ground squirrel or sugar glider are popular for a people who want pet that are easy to take care of, won’t require much space, not […]

Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters?

Hamster might not be a popular pet as dogs, not much cuter as a house pets like cats and you of course can’t train them to do trick. However, hamster is still one of the cheaper choice of pets, and easier pet to take care of compared to such a bigger pets like cats, dogs […]

All You Need to Know About Winter White Pedigree

Winter white hamster! We all agree that this type of hamster is pretty, right? But, how much do you know about the Winter white hamster? Let’s discuss it all together in this article! All You Need to Know About Winter White Pedigree Where did Winter white hamster come from? If you are not familiar with […]

3 Things that You Should Know to Care the Teddyhamster

Well hello our dear readers, viewers and our fellow animal lovers, welcome to our animal care website dedicated to help every animal lovers and their household pets all around the world. From all time popular pets like cats and dogs, to more exotic pet such as snake and lizard, or profitable animal to take care […]

How Does Teddyhamster Look Like?

Well hello there our dear readers and viewers, welcome to our small but always humble animal website that always give out a simple animal care guide and animal facts to read every day. If you are truly animal lovers and seeking animal care guide then you might want to check out our dear article here. […]

Golden Hamster Vs. Black Hamster, Which is Hard To Care of?

Hamster is one of the most favorite pet to have. According to research, there are more than thousands of pet lovers who prefer hamster than any other kind of pets. Hamster is a very cute pet to have, easy to take care of, and they eat in quite small portions. However, hamster also had their […]

6 Facts of Chinchilla to Keep as Pet Hamster

Any of you that didn’t know yet about Chinchilla? Well, many people many not familiar enough with this animal. Their shape looks like big mouse where their ear is bigger and larger from any mouse own. Chinchilla also rodent animal so that’s why people usually compare them with another rodent animal like Hamster, Guinea Pig, […]

Are There Wild Hamster? 4 Facts of Hamster Habitat in The Wild

Basically, all animal pet was living as wild. Cute animal like rabbit, cat, or hamster does living free and wild before human know how to tame, pet or raise them. Whatever human’s goal to related with animal, the animal was living free and wild and so does hamster. Hamsters come from wasteland areas in the […]