9 Signs Your Cat Has Trauma That You Should Pay Attention To

Cats are the animals most raised by humans. This is inseparable from the gentle and docile nature of cats. However, like humans, cats also apparently can experience trauma and depression. You have to know about signs of depressed cats. The trauma experienced by cats can result in impaired physical and psychological health of the cat. […]

3 Simple Home Remedies to Treat Cat Claw Fungus

Cat claw fungus is an infection of cat claw caused by some fungal organisms, the most common ones are the infection caused by ringworm and malassezia. The claw fungus can infect cat through many ways, like the exposure of fungus from other infected animal or its excrement, from the environment like from the soil, wounds […]

How to Treat Cat Scratch Fever with Home Remedies

Although cat is loving animal, there will still a time when cat owner suffers from cat scratch or bite, accidentally or not. Although the cat scratch or bite are just mild wounds, they can be hurt and sting or even bleed and become infected if they aren’t treated properly. One of the issue caused by […]

Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss in Cats

Most cat species excluding sphinx, always have fur covering their bodies. The fur is to protect them from cold as well as trademark of race. Persian cat, for example, has longer fur compared to others. Taking care of the fur can be very tricky since it is vulnerable to hair loss. However, cats also like […]

How to Train a Cat to Obey Your Command

Cat is a very active animal. Sometimes, it is also be hyperactive, and it is hard to make it to obey our command. It cat just love to do everything on its own, without paying attention to what its owner want. This is actually a normal thing from a cat. But, you can learn how […]

12 Ways To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your Beloved Garden

A lot of people have a garden in their house. This is considered as a hobby, and garden is a good thing to keep in your house’s yard. But, the common annoying thing for the garden is when a stray cat approach and play around your garden. There are indeed various situations when dealing with […]

Home Remedies to Treat Cat Wounds

*Meow A long way back before writer has Memeng, writer has another kitten back then, in truth it was Memeng’s brother. A cute adorable kitten that has yellowish, blackish, pattern on his body. Even though she’s domestic, writer guarantee you that no one could resist her cuteness. She was so adorable, writer hug her everyday and everytime writer got […]