5 Useful Tips to Make Sure You Ride a Horse Properly

Farm animals has a very different habitual compare to the wild animals in the wildlife. Most of them was used to supplied human needs for food stocks and other material for industry such as wool for fashion industry. Important thing you should know before farming is the purpose of the farm. Some peoples only focus for the dairy production (cows), some peoples only focus on meat (cow, goat, sheep, chickens), and some peoples focus on entertainment. Wait, what? Entertainment? What is that mean? Folks, you need to remember, there is an animal of non-livestock which as famous as other farm animal, the horse.

Horse is embodiment of elegancy and power, which recorded being favorite of many high class people. Spread in different species, here are 5 new horses species which known as the most beautiful species on earth. These species materialized from the crossbreed process and most of them was used for sports. Furthermore, horse farm have been on the list of the most profitable farm industrial. Ordinarily, horse was breed for sports fields such equestrianism, polo, and entertainment business which offer a lot in many tourist attractions all over the world.

You could see in many resorts, parks, islands (specifically recreation centers) offer their visitors the experience to sit in the back of a horse, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. Do you interesting, my friend – cause I do! Whatsoever, if you’re afraid to the possibility of fall from the horse, be glad, because I would share to you 5 useful tips to make sure you ride a horse properly. Also, you shouldn’t be worry at all. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t be let alone roaming the place especially if that is your first time ride a horse. There are always some instructors and coach who would accompany you during the journey.

Merida (from Disney movie called Brave) said, how do you know you wouldn’t like it if you won’t try it? So, let just take a chance and experience something new!

1. Preparations

Before you up above the horse, make sure you are emotionally ready for this. Stay relax as possible cause horse is a sensitive animal, he could sense your fear. If you fear him then it could trigger him to also fear you. Furthermore, learn the basic skills and important equipment is very suggested. Take the lesson from professional like coaches and instructors, ask them everything you want to ask and do not be shame. They would understand your fear and doubt and help you to conquer it all.

Knowing some essential basics of horse ride such as groom and tie, because it would make you more understand about horse and keep yourself safe during the ride. If, you enjoy the ride, then your horse would feel the same as yours! Furthermore, it is also a perfect idea to know the horse first. Try to build a bond with him; give him sugar or other snacks, pet him tenderly, and he would please with you.

2. The Proper Horse Riding Equipment

There are two types of riding style which known as the western and English styles. It doesn’t matter which one you would choose, a proper apparel must be your concern. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to ride a horse with sandals or a short pant during the ride. It is suggested by professional that you wear a boot and long pants whenever you want to ride a horse. Your shoes especially was the essential part; during the ride your feet would constantly regulate the horse rhythm.

Could you imagine if wear sandals and in any case, unexpectedly if fall – what are you gonna do? Boot would prevent your feet being slip and keep it tight with pedals. Also, do not wear any accessory that could cause you being strangle such scarves, necklaces, etc. Have you ever see equestrian apparels? Why don’t we just copy what they use? Simple and elegant. So classy!

3. Sitting Position

It is very exciting to see all those professional jockeys ride their horses in the full speed in Derby match, tempted us to mimicking their bodies gestures during our riding session. Let me get this straight, do not ever try to do it in real life unless you are a professional jockey. Remember, you are on a calm and relax horse riding trip, nor some horse races Derby.

So, the best gesture you should preform is sit up straight, relax and tall. Keep control the balance of the horse, gently hold the reins,  foot in stirrup, and do not ever try to hurry your horse. Imbalance of weight could cause heavier load that should be carried by the horse.

4. The Saddle Horn

In the saddle, you would see the saddle horn which mostly was used to hold on in the time you feel unstable. But, let me remind you to not depend on the saddle horn just to keep your body stable. It’s better if you just rearrange your position, holding the reins gently, and extending two of your legs. If you keep the saddle horn as the habit, in the worst situation which is need a faster reactions, the saddle horn would be not as effective position as it look – likely would cause you fall.

Furthermore, it’s the best to learn and make yourself know how to adjust your position on natural ways than depend on the saddle horn to help you with your imbalance gestures. In addition, saddle horn only available in USA countries, almost every Europe countries didn’t equip with the saddle horns. So, just for you own safety, try to learn the proper basic of saddle without using any “easier method”.

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

The last of 5 useful tips to make sure you ride a horse properly is keep your eyes on the road. This is the main basic of any ride on earth. Motorcycle, cars, bikes, and any other transportation number one rule.  However, I know that your horse is an outstanding creature, but during it’s the best to keep your eyes on the trail not the neck of your horse. Paying attention to other transportation which might pass to keep yourself and your horse safe.

Some people said that you should see the road through the ears of your horse, but the matter thing is to keep the sight straight to the trail, that would be enough!