The Creepiest Ants Over the World

When thinking about creepy animals, you might think about bigger and more menacing animals such as lion, wolves and tiger, or you might also think about venomous animal such as snakes or hornets. Many people didn’t even consider ant as creepy or dangerous animals, until they realized that some ants are also even dangerous, creepy and can actually kill you. Ants might be small, but don’t underestimate them.

Ants are small insect that comes from the class of Insecta from the family of Formicidae. Ants are very common insect that can be found from all around the world from arid desert of Africa and Arabia, lush jungle of South East Asia to plain of European. Ants can be found all over the world in every continent except for Antarctica. Ants are also varies from size, shapes and species. Some people might think that ants are just small animals that not worth of observing, but actually they are very interesting  and smart animals that develop a complex system of teamworking and colonies.

Ants come from different shape, sizes and species. There are more than 12.000 species of ants spread all around the world From the harmless black ants, harvester ants, regular garden ants, to even dangerous ants species such as fire ants. Some of you don’t even consider ants are menacing species, but actually some of ants species are deadly and creepy. Still don’t believe that some ants are scary? Here are The Creepiest Ants Over the World

These creepy ant species will give you chill

Still don’t believe that ants can be dangerous? Here is some context for you. A single ant might not be as dangerous and you can just squash them with your bare hand. However, ant is never alone, and will always come in group. Some species of ants can be dangerous in groups, and could overwhelm a human There aren’t many cases of fatality caused by ants, however  they can still be very dangerous, especially some of these species of ants. From the most dangerous species of ants such as bulldog ants and the infamous fire ants, these ant species will give you nightmare.

  • Fire ants

The most aggressive ants and also notorious ants that may people are afraid of. If you don’t know about fire ant, they are one of the most aggressive ants that attacks any of those unfortunate enough to stumble upon its nests. They will swarm their attackers, leaving a hormone to call out nearby fire ants to attack its targets. The sting from fire ant is also extremely painful, one stung will leave a big red, swollen node and sometime trigger a puss and dizziness. Fire ants can be found in Tropical jungle and rainforest.

  • Bulldog ants

The current record holder for the most dangerous ants on earth, Bulldog ant can be found along the coast of Australia. They are extremely aggressive towards anything that invades its territory. Once  they set on target, they will swarm it target, then attack its target with it jaw and sting. Their bite is painful, and they can inject a venom to its target. Its venom is painful, and it can even kill an adult human in just a minutes. Without intensive care, adult human can died in just 15 minutes after they have been attacked by bulldog ants.

  • Bullet ants

Bullet ants are famous for its painful stings, and their sting is why they get their name “bullet ants”. The can be found in South America, mostly in dense Amazonian jungle. Their sting is so painful, that some victim of the bait claimed that it pain won’t go away for 24 hours after being bitten by bullet ant. Some victims are also claimed that a sting from bullet ant is as painful as bullet shot, that’s why it got its name, a menacing 3 cm of biting bullet that could give you hell for a day, and imagine getting swarmed by this ant.

Still think that ant is just harmless insect after reading on The Creepiest Ants Over the World? Well next time you see ants, you might want to observe them.