6 Vaccination Types For Laying Ducks

Vaccine is all effort that using any medicine to increase immune system of life creature. There is so many ways to application vaccine such like injection, drink drop, food, spray, and also eye drop. All methods are suitable with the need of duck itself and their age. Vaccine is actually like watery liquid contained minerals, vitamin, and another chemical to prevent disease.

Actually, vaccine has their own specific using that should be pair based of duck’s necessary. It’s more recommended if farmer able to vaccine them as compete as they can. More vaccine is better. Mostly a vaccine used for one kind disease. For example, avian influenza and flu bird. Both of them has their own specific vaccine. We can’t use avian influenza vaccine to prevent flu bird and vice versa.

Moreover, when you producing of laying duck which have to reach eggs as much as you can. disease can only distract the duck but also the egg. You may see the egg is fine but we can surely know what happened inside it, right? Also, it is good if you can vaccine them since they still new born.laying-duck-vaccine

There is so much kind of vaccine that you better give to your duck. Let’s jump on it.

  • ND – AI

First vaccine for laying duck is ND – AI. This vaccine basically gives for new born duck which still 1-2 days old. On this condition, baby duck usually won’t eat yet because they still safe the energy of the yolk so they don’t want to eat even you place their food properly. Basically, this vaccine would apply by injection. Combination formula will work properly to safe the baby duck. This vaccine use for build up immunity of new born baby so the baby which surely still weak can stronger and resist of any disease like usually attacked baby duck like ND.

  • Cholera

As the name, this vaccine use for saving the duck of cholera disease. Cholera is a disease that cause by bacteria that infected their digestion system. This disease is contagious so you need to separate it away after the symptom comes. This vaccine gives for 35 days old duck which usually on this age, the duck is prepare to entering heat period.

  • ND Hitcher B1

This vaccine is developed version of ND – AI vaccine. This vaccine claimed more effective and stronger to build antibody inside the duck. This vaccine gives when the new born is 4 days old and together with ND – AI vaccine.

  • ND Clone 45

This is the main vaccine that highly recommended to give to give to duck. Even you can’t give ND – AI yet, you can give it at firstly vaccination. It is okay to give this vaccine when you didn’t give any vaccine yet to the duck. This vaccine can apply by spray, injection, eye drop, or nose drop. This vaccine can also give to duck when the new born still 4 days old. Also, this vaccine can use for some times scheduled as the age of the duck. It can also give on 21 days old, 56 days old, and 90 days old.

  • ND La Sota

ND La Sota vaccine is the repeated vaccine and basically same with ND Clone 45 and ND Hitcher B1. You can use which one is you think that the most needed by your duck.

  • AI Subtipe H5N1

As the name, we can easily know what’s this vaccine for? Yes, it is for face AI disease moreover that the subtype is H5N1. This disease is one of scared by poultry farmer because beside it can transmitted to human, it also kills the duck in dozen so you can imagine how horrible that is. This issue was popularly spread around the world and there is so much cause of death that come of this AI virus. You can apply this vaccine only by injection and usually this vaccine give when the duck is 42 and 119 days old.

We have to more aware about this problem. Vaccine is thing that we can’t underestimate. It is pretty necessary and profitable for our duck. Even though it is little bit pricey, it is surely worth it if we talk about the profit.

Disease is main enemy for farmer. Disease decrease profit of a poultry because something that supposed to be the result have to become loss because used for treatment bill. Vaccination is serious issue because firstly, it makes loss and secondly, the disease can infect human. Loss here as explaining before that by this case you would accidentally budget for this reason. Not only budget for treatment, if there is died duck well it is surely a truly loss. Loss isn’t always mean money but also the soul.

Some disease that attack our duck can transmitted to human. Avian influenza and H5N1 are commonly and popular disease that transmitted by poultry. Because can infected human, so are you still underestimate to not giving vaccine beside all those terrible things which ready to face you?