How to Hatching Chicken Eggs Naturally

Animals just like human, have a characteristic as a living creatures. They need to feed, they need to proliferate, they need to move around, they grow older and mature, and they have sensitiveness to kind of stimulation, all in all they need to fight for their sustainability themselves to discourage extinction. Here we are talking about on how to hatching chicken eggs naturally as part of producing the little chick to become a hen or rooster thereafter who will continue this life cycle.

While some idea come up in mind whether to breed the eggs naturally by a mama hen or using kind of box called incubation – artificial tools to help hatching eggs in case the hen will not want or not kind of type of breeder chicken, we will try to explore both of these two methods to give you a sigh which one is fix with your situation ahead.

Easy methods how to hatching chicken eggs naturally :

  1. Hatching the eggs naturally is the most method that everybody wants to follow, it provides saving electricity power on that will save you from the additional cost, aside from that having a hen sit on the top of the eggs will discover you the unique experience how to monitor the other journey of life that nice to be observed, that will open your mind how one life’s has begun. However not all the hens love to breed by sitting all long day on top of the eggs it all depends on what type if chicken you have. I learn many type of chicken that might be wondering for the newbie in this business. As some of us might think that every chicken is the same, but actually just like any other animal there are several types of chicken. Some will have naturally passion to breed eggs without human’s intervention called broody or sitting hen while the others are not type of it. In this case you will want to have incubator to help raising the eggs. Other than this reason, if your hen is on broody period they will not be laying eggs for the 21 days off, it means that you will not have an eggs production , this is a concern for the farmer who relying this for supporting his life. Another reason using the incubator is if you have huge amount of egg or consider selling the eggs maybe is worth using this artificial heating box instead.
  2. Go broody for the hen is limited around a dozen of eggs. If you see the larger number eggs all together in the same sit, considering to remove about one or two separately to provide better chance to grow as a chick to other mama hen. Deciding to let the hen incubates the eggs is somehow a bit challenging. A lot distraction will come over. The chicken especially a teenager one is not enough mature to take responsibility to take over this process of one life’s miracle. She is easily to get off from the nest she should stay tuned just because of a little influence like a rooster comes by or other hen oust her from the nest, or even just an obstacle that look like edible to peck up. Relaying on them to hatch the eggs needs another step to take into account. Whether this chicken is a right brooder still needs some stimulation to do this long procedure. We can encourage them to sit still by putting artificial eggs first. You can just buy these eggs toys in the chicken shop or simply just a golf ball inside the nest. This measure will stimulate them to hang on there for long hours, they will only put themselves off the nest for few minutes to take a rest and drag the body straight and for feed or drink.
  3. Once you find the hen is in comfortable brooding you will see they become more protective and stay sharp to keep the eggs save and warm. You might try to test them by closing them or even grabbing them to remove from the nest. The result you will observe how angry they are by clucking hardly or even attempting to peck you though. This process will take about 21 days ahead. On the 18 days the eggs starts to broke the shell to have a try its first breathing. As you know that egg shells are porous that allows the inhaling of oxygen and out haling the carbon dioxide. The hen is common to peck the corner of the shell to help quicken the process to let the first sight of the chick to the universe. If the chick is all over come out from the shell let them stay still on the nest since they are very weak and vulnerable to face anything comes in life. Provide them the food which is suitable their need. Let the hen stay and spread the feather to cover their little kiddos. Remove anything that potential to harm them like other hen, to try to dominate the nest.

Incubator for mom’ absenteeism

On the other hand if you find difficulties hatching the eggs by the mama hen, I will suggest you reach into deeper pocket to buy an artificial box called incubator. Just like for human, this chick incubator is running by an electrical power on. The goal is provide warm and generate the hatching an eggs to become the real living chick. Despite how expensive the incubator you have provided that this has the requirement you need to consider:

  1. Has temperature on set about 37 degrees Celsius. Make sure you keep this stable on this number, one degree upper or lower may damage the eggs or even directly terminate them. Scary right? So please be careful of this
  2. Humidity, make sure you understand how this machine works well; otherwise you will lose what you save.
  3. Ventilation, as we know egg shell has a porous to let the air comes in and out to allow the eggs breath, once the eggs penetrate from its shell, this chick needs the fresh oxygen to breath directly, so please do not neglect this requirement behind

After we learn on how to hatching the chicken eggs naturally above hope this information will give you another point of view to help you gain confidence to raise your flock.