How To Find Your Lost Rabbit Outdoors

Rabbits are a herbivorous animal that likes to plays around and hides and seeks around the backyard. They like to make a few holes and make them as their hidden place. So, while they play in your backyard sometimes they can run away from your house. So, how to find your lost rabbit outdoors? and how to avoid them runaway in outdoors? Well, just see the followings below here. Here we go the answers.

1. Start to find them at any place

First, you should start to find them. If you want to get your bunny back, you should find them now, as soon as possible. Please, look at entire your house and the area of your backyard. Gathering some friends or your relatives to help you to find them all entire your house. Check above their cage, bushes, or a hole that made your bunny. You should check inside your house too, it might your rabbit still in your house. However, if you have a problem to catch your rabbit inside your house. You have to see these ways on how to catch a running loose rabbit inside your house.

2. Your rabbit temperament

What is the temperament of your rabbit? Is your rabbit is coward, aggressive, very tame or even likes to bite others? Spread this information to people who will help you find it. Make sure you explain the characteristics of your rabbit right. With this information, the people who help you know that should that they do to your rabbit. However, there are some reasons why your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive, with these tips may it could help you to find the answers.

3. Asks everybody

Inform your neighbor too if your lovely rabbit is lost. Asks them, if they see or not your lovely rabbit. This way could help you to find them faster. Besides, ask the neighbors, you can ask the security or the guards around your residential areas. Maybe they see your rabbit in the park, or at the other’s house. Do not forget gives your number to them and they will call you soon if they find your lovely rabbit.

4. Let your hutch  open

So, it’s been a few hours ago that your lovely rabbit cannot found yet. What to do? Do not panic, stay calm. Let the hutch open this night, who knows the bunny will go home tonight. Renew their bowl with fresh food, and also refill the water bottle. Hope that they will come back tonight and they will eat these foods.

5. Thinks as them

You love your bunny so much,  and you have been together for six months. In here, you have memorized how your bunny is and know some of their hiding places. Maybe this thought is a little crazy. But, this method you must try it. Use your instincts and try to be like your rabbit. In this way, maybe you know where your rabbit is and you found your lovely rabbit. So, use your strong instinct now, do it right.

6. Making a call

You have some relatives that live in the same residential areas, so why you do not call them? Making a call right now and honestly ask them to find your lovely rabbit. Send your rabbit photo via social media and write your number there. Besides making the call to all your friends and relatives, you should try to make calls with your veterinarian, maybe he can help you to find your lovely rabbit. Otherwise to making calls you could try this. you have a dog and you have already to train your dog to guard your house. Why you don’t use your dogs to search your lovely rabbit? Your dog is very obedient to your command. So, let your dog smell the bowl of your rabbit. With this smell, your dog will find your rabbit in a short time. While your dog starts to find your lovely rabbit, you may walk together with your dog.

7. Find them on the Internet

It has been two weeks, your rabbit still not found, where are they? Try to find them on the internet,  there are many websites that help you to find your pets, including a rabbit. So, in here you just sign up and fill the forms, check ones before you press “done”. Besides, you can use your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Give some hashtags and mention to all your friends and relatives. It will be work.

8. Go to the animal shelter

What is an animal shelter? The animal shelters are places where all the lost pets are housed here. In here, there are not only rabbits, but there are cats, dogs, and even birds. Animal shelters are busy and crowded places. If you plan to come here, you should make a call first. However, if there is no news about your rabbit. You have to find your rabbit by going to the animal shelters alone.

9. Spreads missing news

You have all ready to spread this news on your social media and internet. But, so far it has no result. It is an old way. but this actually can work. You can make some flyers or giant poster with a picture of your rabbit,  please to write “Missing (your rabbit names), your complete information (name, numbers and also your social media), and finally the reward. Write a prize with a sum of money on the poster or flyers that will be distributed in the office, market and more. People who read it will very interested in this news.

10. Positive thinking

The last on how to find your lost rabbit outdoors, keep trying and trying, you should think positive about this. Do not give up even your rabbit is still lost in two weeks or a month. Keep trying to find your rabbit, there are lots of people help you to find your lovely rabbit. Well, if you give up in this phase, you could try to choose other pet such as hamsters. There are lots of reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet. You have no worries about escaping, hamster surely loves in their cage. Because there are lots of toys that could they play.

Hopefully, the above on how to find your lost rabbit outdoors may it can be useful tips for you, rabbit lovers. These above tips also work on the beginner owner. However, if you have some problem with litter training for your rabbit, you could see the tips on how to do litter training for your rabbit? With these tips, all your problem has been resolved. Keep trying, good luck.