5 Solutions on How to Gain Trust from Your Newly Adopted Cat

Adopting a pet has become a trend nowadays and many people like it. Instead of buying a pet, it is believed to adopt abandoned pets. It has become a campaign, if you are familiar with it, “adopt don’t buy”.

Cats and dogs are the most commonly adopted pets. If you are adopting a dog, then ways to make your dog feel comfortable will be useful for you.

Adopting a pet is not easy though. As they might be abandoned by their previous owner, they might experience traumatic feeling. This makes the new owner should try hard to get their trust.

Cat is one of the examples of a pet that is commonly adopted. Taking care of a cat might be easy, but gaining its trust might be not. If you are adopting a cat and expecting to find some tips of gaining trust from it, let’s check the 5 solutions on how to gain trust from your newly adopted cat.

Solution on How to Gain Trust from Newly Adopted Cat

As mentioned before, adopted cat might experience some traumatic incidents from its previous owner. As a new owner who love your cat better, you might have to do some tricks to gain its trust.

You have to maintain your relationship with your cat in order to live comfortably for both of you. Here are the 5 solutions on how to gain trust from your newly adopted cat.

  • Respect its private space

The first thing you need to do for gaining your cat’s trust is by respecting its private space. Your cat needs to ease itself once it arrives at a new place. Provide a comfortable private space for your cat and let it adapt itself to it.

Don’t invade the space, and let your cat explore it by itself. Cat is known as an independent animal and it will give you a notice once it needs your attention.

Your cat’s first night at your house might not be easy, tips on how to deal with your adopted cats first night at home will be very helpful for you.

  • Patience – take your time

Adopting a pet is not an easy thing to do, it needs process for both the owner and the pet itself to adapt. Just like you entering a new environment or a new office, a cat also needs time to adapt itself.

And the time won’t be short, it might take a week, weeks or months. Enjoy every single time of your cat and let it enjoy the process as well.

  • Let your cat approach you

As the time goes on, your cat might experience comfort and approach you. Your cat must have spent a lot of time observing you. Let your cat learn your body language and movement. Once it is comfortable, it will start coming to you!

  • Observe and learn!

As your cat is doing observation about you, you also need to observe and learn about its behavior. By doing observation, later you will know what best way to treat your cat is. You can see some body languages that your cat shows and try to learn what it means.

For example, when your cat is showing its belly, crazy eyes and curled spine, it means that your cat thinks that it likes you. However, when it is setting up in a straight position, it means the opposite, which is it doesn’t trust you.

If you see any of these following body languages, give space to your cat:

  1. standing up fur
  2. creating hissing or growling sound
  3. arched back
  4. ears laying flat against its head
  5. flicking back and forth tail or even tucked between its legs

However, you can tell that these body languages show that your cat is relaxed or happy:

  1. showing its belly
  2. tail is up righted
  3. ears are forward or upright
  4. rubbing its body against you

Any body languages that your cat show mean something it can be signs of cats that wants to play or signs of depressed cat. Be aware of them!

  • Reward any positive reactions or attitude

Who doesn’t like reward? Cats do love rewards! Try to give reward to your cat whenever it shows good or positive attitude and reactions. You don’t need to always use food or treats as rewards.

Simple rewards like petting and playing time work! It will not only gain trust from your cat, but it will also help you to train them to be obedient and do some tricks!

Trust is the essential key of human and cat relationship. Just like humans, gaining trust from cats won’t be that easy. However, if you know the steps and do them correctly, your relationship with your cat will be the best!

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