4 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Cat

Playing with pets, such as dogs and cats, is always interesting and exciting. Dogs and cats are animals that naturally like to play. If you decide to have a cat or a dog as a pet, then you should spare your time for them to play.

Just like us, cats also need to communicate and interact with other creatures. Cats need to interact with you, the owner. Playing is one activity you can do to have fun with it.

Besides, playing will help them killing boredom that mostly cats at home feel. There are some signs of cat that wants to play you can see before playing with your cat.

Different cats will need different playing time duration. You have to be aware of this as well. Playing time suggested is around 15 minutes a day, and you can do it once or twice a day.

Your cat’s playing time depends on its age, health and presence of health problems. But one thing you have to know, playing is essential for your cat’s health, too!

You might be wondering why cats like to play. Let’s see 5 interesting reasons why you should play with your cats!

Why Should You Play with Your Cat?

Owning a pet means giving and preparing time for it to do something, such as playing with them. Honestly saying, spending time with your cat, for example, will give you free entertainment.

It is believed to have a stress-relief effect. Entertainment is one of the reasons or benefits for you playing with your cat. Then how about your cat? Why should you play with your cat? Here are the 5 interesting reasons why you should play with your cat.

  • Training their natural instinct

Cats are naturally predators. They like to hunt for their prey in their natural environment. If your cat stays indoors, then playing will get them practice its natural instinct, though you don’t expect your cat to hunt inside your house. It is just for practice, and you can use some toys for your cat as its prey.

  • Way of getting fit and healthy

Do you know that lazy cat might get obese problem? Yeah, if they eat a lot and exercise less, they will possibly be overweight. By playing with your cat, your cat will exercise because it moves their body.

By doing exercise together, your cat can reduce the risk of becoming overweight and it will possibly experience harmful effects of obesity in your pets. It will also help to prevent some diseases, such as heart disease in cat.

As an owner, you also have to pay attention to ways you should do to make your cat happy.

  • Boredom free

What do you feel staying at home all the time doing nothing? It is boring! That’s exactly also what your cat feels at home. Playing with your cat will be fun for them.

Playing with your cat, especially if it is a kitten, will stimulate their cognitive and motor skills. You can include some toys in your playing time to make it more fun.

By playing with your cat, it won’t turn into a depressed cat. Speaking of cat’s depression, read signs of depression on cat.

  • Bonding time – get closer with your cat

Spending more time with your cat will be beneficial for you and your cat relationship. Your relationship will get closer. Playing will also help to reduce anxiety and aggression that your cat might have at home.

It will also stimulate its mental and physical so your cat feels relaxed and confident. When your cat feels confident and relaxed, it will be able to socialize well. This bonding time will grow deeper and deeper, and it might affect your cat’s behavior when you are not at home.

  • Educating them with some skills

Playing is always playing, what can we learn by playing? If you think this way, then change your mindset! Even we can learn something by playing. By playing with you, your cat can also learn something, such as its hunting, predator skills and its body coordination.

Playing will surely makes your cat smarter! Training cats to come when you call their name is one skill your cat can even obtain by playing!

Those 5 reasons why you should play with your cat may give you some ideas of sparing your time for your cat. Your cat does not only need food and place to survive, but it also needs your attention, love and care. One of the things you can do to show love to your cat is by playing with them.

Games to play with your beloved cats will give you some ideas on the games you can play with your cat. Have fun!