Signs of Cats that Wants to Play

Cats are smart animal. They can express a variety of emotions like fear, sad, jealousy, or love. Cat owners should know whether or not their cat is happy and want to play or not. Here are signs of cats that wants to play with the explanations provided.

  • Loves to play

In general, cat likes to enjoy their time while playing with their people that they trust. A variety of games could be played, which is playing ball, mouse toys, catch the prey, and many more. You should take note whether your cat is agile and pumped or tends to avoid playing with you.

  • Body languages

Cats that turns their whiskers a bit to the front and have relaxed tail usually feels happy and wants to play. Straight upward tails means that their happy with the people that they meet. Cats that are relaxing would rest their feet with their ears straight and half opened eyes.

  • Eating habits

A healthy and happy cats have a good appetite. Cats often tries to get more food even though their already full. That’s just the way of them showing that they enjoyed their food. See also why cats loves fish so much.

  • Shiny fur

Having shiny fur indicates that your cat’s health is good. This also means that it’s getting enough nutrition. Cats feel happy and wants to play because of the caring that they got, which make their fur shine.

  • Confident

Cats that wants to play shows interest to their surrounding and rensponsive when there’s another person or object approaches. Cats even became proactive and tries to touch every object that they see. This is different from cats with no confidence which would only look from afar. If this happens, be sure to know if your cat have the signs of a flu disease.

  • Inviting to communicate

Cats are very great at giving vocal signal to show what their thinking. Some cats are more vocal than the others and likes to engage in long conversation.

On the other side, there’s also cats that tends to be calm and express their happiness by playing. They only meows when they’re feeling uncomfortable. High pitched meows usually expresses happiness and means that your cat wants to play, while low pitched meows shows signs of frustation or demanding something. Just like humans, cats have their own behaviors.

  • Active and agile

Besides of the mentioned signs above, signs of cats that wants to play could also be known from their active and agile behavior while they’re invited to play. Other than being agile and active, cats that wants to play also have a good appetite. Their poop could also shows their health, and it’s brown because they’re healthy from all the playing. Read also the reasons why sleeping cats shouldn’t be disturbed.

  • Happy facial expressions

Cats that are healthy and wants to play are shown from their always happy and watchful facial expression. This are shown with the cat’s eyes that looks whole and glimmering. Also, cats that wants to play are always in a watchful state, so this makes them to always be aware of their surrounding and would know if there’s enemies around them that would scares and startles them.

You may have seen your cat that jumps suddenly when there’s an object that falls at your house. On the contrary, cats that are sick would have sad eyes and would usually ignores what happens around them.

  • Friendly when around people

Cats that are healthy and wants to play would feel calm and relaxed when touched or petted by people. They will purr when this happens and it shows that they’re happy to be around that people.

On the contrary, cats that are sick would have a drastically changed behaviors and become more aggressive when touched. This aggressive behavior is gotten from the lowered physical condition. If you notice this is happening, it may be a sign that your cat is sick.

  • Showing its belly

For animals, their belly is a vital part of their body that comes second after the neck. This is because if an animal is attacked in these parts, their life could be in danger. That’s why animals try their best to cover and protect their vital parts. This is also true for cats.

Cats would try their best to prevent their belly to be attacked by other animals. But on the contrary, if your cat is actually showing you its belly, this means that the cat is trustful of you and wants you to play with its belly.

  • Meowing

It’s important to know that cats rarely meows, even with other cats. They only do this when they’re fighting. At humans, cats also meows but in a different kind.

Cats uses special body languages when they interact with people that they like. They meows, but not as loud as when they’re fighting other cats. They would meows with a lower tone than when they’re angry. Cats could also meows in mating season, check our article on signs of cats that have succesfully mated to identify the signs.

  • Playful bites

Many people chose cats as pets because of their funny behaviors. The cutest of their behaviors is when they’re still kittens. But when they’re adult, some people despises them a bit, which is maybe because of its behavior of biting the owner’s feet or hands.

Before assuming that your cat is being naughty, you should know that when they bite gently and not hard, it means that your cat loves you. It may feel a bit painful, but the cat doesn’t notice this. Besides, love sometimes is hurtful right?

  • Licking

Licking is one behavior that is commonly done by dogs to show loves at their owners. But cats actually express this too at people, especially at their owners.

For those of you that doesn’t know, don’t be mad when your cat licks your hand or face. It’s their way of expressing their affection to us. Consider yourself lucky if your cat does this, since it’s kind of rare for cats to lick their owners.

  • Straight up tail

One of the signal to know if your cat loves you or not could be seen from its tail, whether it’s still or moving a lot.

The movement of cat’s tail could be a sign of their mood. If they feel threatened, the tail would curved a little and seems tense. If the cats feels comfortable with someone, they usually would moves slowly towards with the tip of its tail slightly curved.

  • Follows you anywhere

When your cat follows you anywhere, whether is to your bedroom or up the stairs, it means that your cat loves you. When they love someone, they usually want to be always close to that people. This shouldn’t make you feel bothered, cause this is a sign that your cat love you and you should be happy about it.

  • Winks its eyes

For humans, winking an eye could be a sign of flirting. Cats could also wink their eyes gently. It’s not one eyed as in humans, but this winks means different for us.

Cats usually wouldn’t stare at our eyes or even other cats. But when they see the one that they like, they would stare at them for a while. Other than looking in a long time, other sign of cats that are interested to you are slowly blinking their eyes.

And that is all about our article for signs of cats that wants to play. Be sure to check our other article on understanding your cat’s basic behaviors and symptoms of rabies in cats. See you on our next article!