How to Get Your Cat to Stop Sleeping in Your Bed


How you doing fellow cat lover?. Well let us hope we and our cat will be healthy as a horse always. Oh cat, what an adorable creature her is. Domestic or special breeds, they still cute and do cat things that could cheer up our day and could relieve our stress. Writer one day has a bad day at the office and decided to coming home early, guess what?. Writer’s cat urgingly welcoming writer and meowing (yeah in truth she just want me to feed her), and writer decided to pet her, hug her, and feed her. Hmmmm the purring of her really makes writer forgot the bad day in the office.

You guys probably know that writer’s mom prohibit Memeng to enter the house right?. Yeah, but one day when writer’s parents are not home, writer decided to smuggle Memeng inside the house and play with her inside the house. She’s a little bet confused when inside the house though, but when i feed her, hug her, and play with her, she starts to feel comfortable and starts to settle inside the house. Well the night time is coming and writer decided to bring her into writer’s bed. Yeah, it was like having a fluffy, soft, but living pillow; but, when the morning is coming, Memeng, peed all over on writer’s bed!. What a mess andso  smelly. Writer must take out the bed and bedcover thus spending the next 5 hours washing them. Well it was my mistake though, last night she prefered to sleep below the sofa but writer doesn’t want to, so writer stupidily bring Memeng to bed. Yeah, writer should have let her sleep in her favorite place. Now, writer having a bad weekend, still cute little Memeng is blameless as “How could I blame cute adorable tiny thing?.”

Well, after many sleepover, after she marked writer’s bed as her territory, she keeps coming here, she wants to sleep here, and writer is totally confused “How to Get Memeng out of Bed?.” Yeah, it was hard but a must as Memeng will not stop peeing on the bed. Thus writer does some research on  How to Get Your Cat to Stop Sleeping in Your Bed, which is why animallova would like to give you an simple easy tricks on How to Get Your Cat to Stop Sleeping in Your Bed. So check it out!.

Why Your Cat Love to Sleep in Your Bed?

  • Your Bed is Warm and Comfy

Once she knews that your bed is so comfortable and warm. She will always come into the bed and sleep on it. Cat could not refuse a comfy and warm place. She will always try to get on it, and sleep on it. Writer still remember the time when Memeng sleep on top of large tv as the tv will create a heat warm that will satisfy Memeng, so does with your bed, especially if you use blanket and bed cover.

  • Your Cat already Marked It as Her Territory

Well if your cat already peed or even pooped on your bed, that means your bed is officially her territory. So good luck getting rid of a cat from her territory and washing your bed, blanket, and bed cover everyday.

The Tricks

The trick of getting your cat ouf of the bed is quite easy but need passion and some financial support. So, make sure that you already prepared both of them as most of tricks requires it. Check it out!.

  • Buy a Bed for Cat

Well this is the best trick avalaible, as if she wants a warm comfy bed, then why don’t you buy her a bed for her own?. Well the bed might be quite expensive but overall it will be worth every penny as your cat will leave your bed and created a new sleeping spot which is her new bed.

However, sometimes your cat become reluctant to use the new bed as she already comfortable with your bed. So, here is the trick to make her love her new bed, you could simply buy a catnip and place it on the new bed. Try to place her to the new bed and let her sniff the catnip on the bed and she will like it and will mark it as her new sleeping spot which also act as her new territory.

  • Darken the Room

If you placed your cat’s bed inside your bedroom then she still leave her bed and get on your bed, then you should try to switch off the light. As cat might not move actively in the dark and will feel sleepy with the dark. Thus, she will fall asleep on her own bed without trying to get on your bed again.

  • Seperate the Bed

If your cat still urging to leave her bed and get on you bed, even though you have placed catnip and all of her favorites on her bed, then it is the time for you to seperate your cat’s bed with your own. Try to place the bed in the corner of a room as cat love to sleep in a corner. Also, make sure that you placed the bed in a spot cat love to be such as a warm corner. Don’t forget to drop a little portion of catnip and put her favorites toys in her bed though. Also, in case of her still trying to get on your bed, make sure you close your bedroom’s door.

Well, it is quite easy right?. You just need to buy a new bed for cat, a few catnip, and a toys, in order to make sure your cat will never get on your bed again right?. Remember, love cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away