3 Common Cat Night Behavior That Makes You Awake

Hello once again there fellow cat lovers. How is your cat?. Writer hope your cat will be healthy as a horse to keep you company and cheer you up everyday. Writer want to tell you a story, a friend of writer has this trouble with his cat. The trouble is his cat love to disturb him at night. Alas, he does not have enough good quality sleep to work the next day. He wants to get angry at the cat, but you know, as fellow cat lovers it is impossible for us to angry at our cat right?. Yeah so he just stood there let the cat do cat things that will always wake him up at night. He just you know just let it be and can’t do anything against it.

Now fellow cat lovers, have you ever had such experience?. When your cat keep waking you up at night directly or indirectly?.  It is indeed annoying right?. At night we want to sleep but our adorable cat keep waking us up at night. Thus, destroying our sleep time and destroying our day tomorrow after. Yeah, most of you might able to keep up the pace even though you had a bad sleep, but most of us can’t do a thing if we are having sleeping problems. Which is why animallova would like to give you a few warnings that you need to put attention to and few tricks to handle your cat keep waking you up at night. So check it out!.

The Behavior

  • Cat-Nursing Period

Well this happens to writer often at least once in 3 months. Memeng’s mother love you know to get laid and end up being a single-parent. Yeah the mother is independent but when it comes to the labor, her mother decided to see writer (writer is not the one who make her pregnant, why she is running into me? She should have running into the one who’s responsible), then she will giving birth to at least 8 kittens, and start collect them all up and securing them in a secure place (Writer’s attic).  After that, the nursing period came, the period where just like us, when the kittens meowing all night. Meow, meow, meow, meow, unstoppable meowing for almost a night!. Well it seems like the reasons why they were meowing because there were not enough breast-feeding spot and the rest of unlucky kittens does not have enough nutritions from their mother. No wonder, those hungry little kittens meowing all night. Well, if your cat just recently having a labor, then be prepared.

  • Love Hunting

Cat is a natural predator, special breeds or domestic, does not make any difference. Cat could kill dozens of preys each day. Writer cat oftenly kill cockroaches, lizards, mice, even a frog and left them in the front door as a sign of gift. Yeah what a nice gift, but still adorable though!. Which is why, if your cat live inside your house, and you bought her toys that she love to bites and smashs to, then prepared, as the night is the best time for your cat to go hunting. So, if you leave your cat outside, you will never found her at night as she will wandering around neighbourhood looking for a prey, and if you bring your cat inside the house, she will running around and bitting her favorite toys all night. Her movement during the night is sometimes quite annoying as she jumps here and there thus oftenly she jumps into your belly and wake you up at night.

  • In Pain

Well if your cat keep meowing and even whimpering all night that means she is in pain. Which is why, you must able to identify the source of the pain, and treat them immediately. Don’t let your cat suffering from the pain, as not only your sleep time is going to be destroyed but also your adorable cat will be ceased to exist if you let this be. So don’t underestimate it.

The Tricks

The tricks of taking care of these behaviors it’s quite tricky but overall is easy if you have the passion to do it, and some of them might requires a financial support from the owner. So, be prepared and read this tricks carefully. Check it out!.

  • Feeding Your Own Kittens

Well you know there are not enough breast-feeding spot for newborn kittens as there are some who will get it first and there are some who will wait in the line, however, sometimes there are some who is unlucky as they got starved all night because other kittens is greedy enough to feed their own self all night. Therefore, for you who want to stop the mowing of kittens that does not able to breast-feed from their mom, you must breast-feed them their self at night. Don’t worry, you will give them the milk from an alternative milk that you can buy from nearby pet store or from your favorite vet. Then, you must prepare a baby bottle who has a tiny dot that could fit in their mouth. After that, make sure you have cleaned all the bottle by putting it in a hot water; clean it up. Then, don’t forget to put a warm towel nearby the kittens you want to feed and start feeding them like a baby. Repeat this until all of them have a full belly and fall asleep.

  • Play with Your Cat in Early Evening

To make sure your cat does not jump from here to there to catch a prey at night, you must simply tire them out. You could do this by giving them some exercise in the evening like giving toys, walk her out, or even playing with laser dot. Also, you could give her a dinner before sleep to help her sleep earlier. Easy right?.

  • Understanding First-Aid, Home-Remedies, and Preparing First-Aid Kit

As a good owner it is recommended for you to understand first aid and home remedies, also don’t forget to prepare first aid kit. As one of the reasons why they could not sleep at night is because they are suffering from pain. If you are able to identify the pain earlier, of course there will be no way of your cat meowing and whimpering all night.

Well that’s the common behavior of cat that keep waking you up at night. Remember, love your cat always, and good luck!.

*Meow away