6 Reasons Why Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbed

Cats happens to be one from many animals that becomes our pets mainly because of its physical appearance anWhy Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbedd funny behavior. As a cat owner, surely knowing their activities is very needed as part of maintaining and caring for it. Cats behavior that is commonly noticed by their owners […]

How To Keep Cats Out From Sleeping On The Sand

Having a pet is a special experience. This is because pet can make our life be more colorful. They love to seek for our attention, with their funny acts. One of the animal that can be a good animal to keep as a pet is cat. Cat is the common animal that can be found […]

5 Easy Ways To Stop Cats From Lying In The Litter Box

Have a cat as your pet is one of the best thing for a happy and warm situation in your house. This is because cat knows how to entertain people, and they can give the warm feeling for you. But sometimes, they might show some strange thing to us as the owner. One of the […]

3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Sleep in Her Own Bed

*Meow Hello again there fellow cat lovers!. How are you today?. May you and your cat will be always healthy forever. Before we are going to our topic for today, writer would like to tell you a story of writer’s friend. Her namee is Qhotrun, and she has a cute persian kitten named Georgy. Surely […]

Reasons Why You must Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed

*Meow Helllo there fellow cat lovers!. Everyday is a good day to pet your cat is it not?. Yeah cat always be there to relieve our stress and make us happy after a terrible day at the office or school. Shall God created such adorable creature thus we shall grateful for what God has created […]

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Sleeping in Your Bed

*Meow How you doing fellow cat lover?. Well let us hope we and our cat will be healthy as a horse always. Oh cat, what an adorable creature her is. Domestic or special breeds, they still cute and do cat things that could cheer up our day and could relieve our stress. Writer one day […]