Does Polar Bear can be Adopted as a Pet when the Arctic Sea has Melted?

All the wild animals among the wildlife lives was depended on their natural habitat in the nature. A catastrophe occurred when those animals loss their natural habitat, and this is what happened to all the Polar animals in Arctic these days due the ice area has creased. One of the animals that’s in the threat was the Polar bear. We all know that Polar bear has distinctive features that always make them stand out more than other species of animals. Melted ice of the Arctic actually was long ago predicted by many scientists who associated the possibility of earth climate changes over the time.

Not only would cost to the habitat loss of Arctic dwellers, apparently a deadly virus would follow throughout the route of the melting ice sea and potentially infect all the marine mammals among the two oceans: the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This disease has infected the mammal otters of Arctic, and possibly spread widely into other species. Furthermore, due the consequences that fall upon the Polar bear (loss of habitat) people attempt to keep this magnificent animal as pet. Does Polar bear can be adopted as a pet when the Arctic sea has melted?

The answer plus the explanation would be discuss on this article: does Polar bear can be adopted as a pet when the Arctic sea has melted?

Exotic Animal as Pet

Adopting Polar bear was a tempting idea of many people all over the world. In facts, there legality of keeping wild animals (exotic animals) as pet in different states. Yes, it was depended on your states regulation of law that applied. But, you need to understand one thing, not every single species was able to adopt, folks; and this is applied to the Polar bear too. So, I’m so sorry for you who ever dream to keep this purely white bear inside you house, your dream would never be come true.

I know, perhaps these people who attempt to adopt Polar bear was consist with a good attention, but there’s so many factors and reasons why these bears – for their own good – to stay where they were belonged. I don’t think all the experts would agree and any cost to let anybody try to adopt the magnificent creature – even when the whole ice was totally melted. Therefore, now we would try to learn and understand why Polar bear would never can be domestic animals for you and your family.

Ice, the Sea and Polar Bear cannot be Separate

Polar bear is the icon of the Arctic ice, not only stop there, they help significantly in the culture of Arctic people. The conclusion, Polar bear was support the balance of ecosystem around the Arctic. You also need to remember that the main diet of Polar bear was the ringed, frozen tundra, and bearded seals; all those animals are live around icy habitat just as the same as the Polar bear. So, yes, a deep snow and ice was the main instrument for the existence of Polar bear.

For the sea, I guess, I don’t need to explain how professional this bear wade through the sea – yes, they were a very good swimmer more than us, people. Although Polar bear was a land-creature, almost most of their times was spent around the water and ice. They used to swim for miles; so, how large the pool you are able to provide for this professional swimmer? Could it be compare to the sea of Arctic? The answer would an absolute no.

Polar Bear is a Strong-natural Carnivore

The main reason why you can’t never adopt the Polar bear because this animal is a strong-natural hunter – and yes, they were carnivores, my dear friends. So, basically it’s all for your own safety. Even those Arctic people who literally had used to see this creature, are afraid and need to be very careful around them. Arctic’ people know exactly how dangerous and strong the Polar bear is. Not to mention, sometimes – due the lack of foods – Polar bear would end up in the villages and the attack was inevitable.

Polar bear was known as a lone ranger, they hunt individually although sometime they were capable to have social life. If your attention was to save and protect Polar bear, adoption is missed the target. For now, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) was opened the donation to support their mission of protecting the ice habitat for all the Arctic species, not only for the Polar bear.